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  • Evaluating Your Blog’s First Year: 12 Great Questions to Ask

    … in the first two months, then not much for the rest of the year? Or did you manage to blog fairly regularly all year? #2: How many subscribers do you have to your blog and/or newsletter? Hopefully you’ve got email subscriptions set up: if not, check out Ramsey’s post on Blog Tyrant: How to Start a Mailing List and Add Opt-in Forms to Your Blog…

    Darren Rowse/ @ProBloggerin Affiliate- 15 readers -
  • Why You Should Start a Blog in the New Year

    … If you’re one of the millions of people thinking about starting a blog this year, well you’ve come to the right place! People start blogs for so many different reasons (and often continue them for others entirely!). We each get a little something different out of blogging, on top of the benefits that are communal to us all. Our motivations…

    Stacey Roberts/ @ProBlogger- 20 readers -
  • PB175: How to Quit Your Job and Build an Online Business

    … a ProBlogger – A story in Many Parts How to Start a Blog in 5 Easy Steps Full Transcript Expand to view full transcript Compress to smaller transcript view Hi there, its Darren from Problogger and welcome to Episode 175 of Problogger podcast. As I said, my name is Darren Rowse and I’m the blogger behind; a blog, a podcast…

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  • How To Setup A Blog With Bluehost WordPress Hosting

    … Today I want to walk you through how to setup a blog with Bluehost WordPress Hosting. With the price of hosting today, there is NO reason you should be setting up a blog with a free service like or anything similar. Having a self hosted blog, that blog is YOURS you own it, you customize it, you promote it how ever you like. Now…

    John Paul Aguiar/ Money Dummy Blogin Blogging How To's- 37 readers -
  • How to Start a Food Blog and Change the World

    Want to learn how to start a food blog? I might be able to help with that. You see, every now and then a new niche comes along and absolutely dominates the internet. Each one is slightly different, but over time you start to notice the common strategies and ideas that work for each one equally. At the moment food blogging is massive.

    Blog Tyrant- 26 readers -
  • PB122: Should You Blog Anonymously or Use Your Real Name?

    … to go to great lengths to disguise the name of on my blogs and who affectionately became known as Mrs ProBlogger When she did start her blog – Style and Shenanigans – she did so without using her name or photo. This was a challenge as a style blogger who talked about the clothes she wore. She blogged this way for a few months but decided…

    @ProBlogger- 18 readers -
  • PB119: How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme for Your Blog

    … a Question You’d Like Me to Answer? I base many episodes of this podcast upon questions answered by ProBlogger Podcast listeners and Blog readers. You can use the following widget to ask a question. Please include your name and blog name (if you have a blog). The post PB119: How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme for Your Blog appeared first on ProBlogger Podcast. …

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  • Blog Tyrant is Giving $500 and Free Hosting to Help Two New Bloggers Start a Blog

    … it too personal and please keep it short as I expect hundreds of emails! I’ll read them all and pick two new bloggers by Saturday the 16th of April! How to make money during the early stages of blogging This post is actually a little introduction/teaser to a bigger article that I’ve got coming up soon on the topic of how to make money to pay the bills…

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