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    • PB175: How to Quit Your Job and Build an Online Business

      How to Think About Giving up Your Day Job for an Online Business In today’s lesson I want to tell you a story – a story of advice I was given when I was starting out that I ignored – a story of regret and a story that I hope might move you to taking some action! Further Resources on How to Quit Your Job and Build an Online Business Becoming a ProBlogger – A story in Many Parts How to Start .

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    • Why You Should Start a Blog in the New Year

      If you’re one of the millions of people thinking about starting a blog this year, well you’ve come to the right place! People start blogs for so many different reasons (and often continue them for others entirely!). We each get a little something different out of blogging, on top of the benefits that are communal to us all.

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    • Starting a Blog in 2017? Here’s the Strategies We’re Using.

      A few years ago we started publishing posts at the end of each year that tried to predict blogging trends for the year to come. This year I want to do things a little bit differently… We’ll start with my usual blog post on what I think will be important in the coming year, but then I’d like to turn it over to the amazing community here and ask you for your predictions about ...

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  • How To Setup A Blog With Bluehost WordPress Hosting

    …. Everything you need to do in WordPress is located on the left side panel and labeled for easy understanding. Here are 3 screenshots of the most important things you will do inside WordPress. Now that you have a better idea of what WordPress is, let’s put it all together and build your blog. 3. Start Building Your Blog To recap, here are the 3…

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  • 101 Blogging Tips to Keep You Moving Forward

    … When you first start a blog it all seems simple. The deeper you go, however, the more complicated it becomes. Bloggers have to know about design, content creation, SEO, servers, security and so much more. Sometimes it can all feel pretty overwhelming. Today’s post is an enormous list of actionable tips that you can bookmark and refer back…

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  • How to Start a Food Blog and Change the World

    … in the hope that it encourages you to do further research and really make a solid plan for your new food blog. 1. Research stage: choosing a topic for your food blog When you are thinking about starting a food blog you really want to know your topic intimately. As blogging becomes more and more popular, it’s a lot less likely that you will see much…

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  • PB122: Should You Blog Anonymously or Use Your Real Name?

    … to go to great lengths to disguise the name of on my blogs and who affectionately became known as Mrs ProBlogger When she did start her blog – Style and Shenanigans – she did so without using her name or photo. This was a challenge as a style blogger who talked about the clothes she wore. She blogged this way for a few months but decided…

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  • PB119: How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme for Your Blog

    … suggestion is to stop looking in those theme libraries and start instead with the blogs out there whose designs you love. Most WordPress themes these days are built on off-the-shelf templates which means that blog you love, you can access the same theme they’ve used. A quick word about this however – that blog you love – is it their header you…

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  • 3 Big Reasons You Should Be Blogging With WordPress

    …, or premium third-party themes, or even create your own custom theme. Modify your site’s code, so you can change whatever you want, including customizing the text of your footer credits, switching fonts or colors, or even changing the whole layout of your site. Install plugins. Plugins are one of WordPress’s most important features…

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  • Quiz: Are You Really Ready to Start a Blog in 2016?

    … it in a professional and sustainable way is a lot of work. So, to kick off 2016 I’m going to show you a few things that will help you determine whether or not you are ready to start a blog or whether you’ve still got some preparations to do. Let’s do it. Ready to start a blog in 2016? Take this quiz first. I’ve teamed up with my buddies over…

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  • 15 (Very) FAQs on Starting a Self-Hosted Blog

    … to Getting your own domain name and installing WordPress on your own host is actually extremely simple these days. Let’s move on. Some FAQs on starting a self-hosted blog I’d like to share some of the most common concerns and questions that I hear from people who want to start a blog on a paid server but aren’t really sure…

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  • Don’t Build a Blog

    … start to become something a lot more exciting, comprehensive and useful for visitors. And this makes a huge difference. Blogs that are doing more than just blogging What I’d like to do now is show you some examples of people who are doing that little bit extra around their blog. These are the types of websites we can emulate because they take it all…

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  • VITAL: 15 Predictions to Read Before You Start a Blog in 2015

    … Want to start a blog in 2015? You might like to read this first… At the end of last year I did a post about the things you’d need to know before starting a blog in the year to come. It was a lot of fun predicting what I thought the next 12 months would look like for bloggers. So, I thought we’d make it a bit of an annual tradition – this year…

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  • The Simple Concept to Grow Your Blog (and Yourself) – One Percent Infinity

    … I have a little story to tell you followed by a guest article from my friend and fellow blogger, Bjork Ostrom. As you may know, my wife started the successful food blog 100 Days of Real Food back in 2010, and I quit my corporate job a few years later to monetize it and build a business around it. So you can imagine my delight when I came…

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  • My Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Dominate Your Niche

    … This is a 9,000+ word guide on how to start a blog. Yep, that’s nine thousands words! Blogging still excites me so much and I absolutely love that I can roll out of bed and work from my couch or the local cafe instead of stressing out in an office. This massive article came about because I wanted to show new bloggers how I did it – all…

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