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  • Why Should I Work For A Start-up?

    … They say in business you ought to plan for an impressive future. However, with regards to your profession, have you considered considering “small”? As far as I can tell, a start-up is a thrill ride that can offer you unimaginable career experiences and show you some priceless life lessons. Start-ups can make you more productive than you’ve…

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  • How To Raise Funds For A Startup Business In India?

    … raising resources. Money is critical and it turns out to be considerably more essential with regards to a start-up. You have a thought and a time to deal with it with all you have however money is the place all the issue begins. This aide represents one route how to raise cash for a start-up, particularly for first-time business people. In India…

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  • Why Employees Are More Important Than Founders?

    … Employing for start-ups can be altogether different from that of big organizations. Colossal multi-national organizations are procedure driven and require employees who can take after guidelines and procedures constantly while regular could be a putting out fires fighting day for a start-up. Numerous start-ups commit the error of hiring…

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  • Doing Business in Bunny Slippers Around the Globe

    … When I first started my business, like many start-up operations, I decided to work from home. I equipped an empty bedroom with a card table for a desk, cardboard boxes for filing cabinets and my dogs served as my office assistants. Voila! I was ready to roll, and it was great. I could go to work in my fuzzy pink robe and bunny slippers. After…

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  • 3 Top Tips for Instant Online Visibility for Any Business Start Up

    Guest post by Naomi Dinsmore Have you recently launched your business start up website but have little to no visitors at all? Did you spend time choosing your website colours? Or writing blog posts? Or even spent hundreds of pounds on a big-shot website designer? But now you have launched no one is looking? You have no readers? Your website is quiet and you are starting to doubt yourself?.

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  • Why I Don’t Write Much SEO Anymore

    …. You could see it in other start-up SEO companies even here in the Philippines. There are very few people who have made it though – and that’s because the 2 main responsibilities of managing a business and being the online strategist is separated into two. I have an in-house director who helps me out with the business and operations side…

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