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  • Starting a Blog in 2017? Here’s the Strategies We’re Using.

    … you for your predictions about starting and running blogs, and the specific strategies you’ll be focusing on. I’m going to give a $250 prize to the best comment to go towards your blogging needs for the year. Hopefully the result will be a comments section filled with incredible knowledge and ideas on how to start and succeed with a blog in 2017…

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  • How to Start a Food Blog and Change the World

    … Want to learn how to start a food blog? I might be able to help with that. You see, every now and then a new niche comes along and absolutely dominates the internet. Each one is slightly different, but over time you start to notice the common strategies and ideas that work for each one equally. At the moment food blogging is massive…

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  • Quiz: Are You Really Ready to Start a Blog in 2016?

    … at Lifestyle Updated to develop a short quiz that will determine how prepared you are for starting a blogging related business this year. Take the quiz, see what score you get, then come back here and keep reading below for tips on how to improve. CLICK TO TAKE THE QUIZ How did you go? Leave a comment at the end of the post and let me know your score…

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  • 15 (Very) FAQs on Starting a Self-Hosted Blog

    … I always recommend starting a blog on a self-hosted setup. The reason is pretty simple – if you want to build a blog that is taken seriously by search engines and readers alike you’ll want to avoid free hosts. They just aren’t robust enough once you get beyond a certain point. I’ve really wanted to write this post for a while now because I…

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  • Don’t Build a Blog

    … This post is all about why you shouldn’t build a blog. Seems a little bit odd coming from a guy who makes a full time living building blogs, right? Well, as you might have guessed there is a little bit more to it. If you have a blog or are thinking about starting a new one soon then this post might give you a new context to the whole concept…

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  • What would I do if I were starting my blog from scratch?

    …? Illustration courtesy The post What would I do if I were starting my blog from scratch? appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. Related Stories Are You Falling Out of Love with Your Blog? 10 Free Blog Post Ideas Nobody reading your blog? 10 reasons to persist! …

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