• Street Culture: Hooch Expansion Reveals Value in Multi-Function Employees

      Lin Dai was at a wedding in New York. He ran into a friend he hadn’t seen in a while and told him about the job he had recently started, as one of the co-founding team of a free drink app startup, Hooch. At the time, the friend, Danny Yang, was a sales manager with Red Bull in Hong Kong. Later, Dai got a phone call from Yang.

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    • 7 Basic Counselling Tips for Entrepreneurs Building a Startup

      Starting a new business is a paramount and challenging task as a number of things are required to be acknowledged including legal, financial, marketing, operational, intellectual property, human resources issues and more. While only scratching the surface of all these aspects is enough to take its toll on new business owners.

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    • 5 Killer Web Design Tips To Kick-Start Your Next Startup

      Let me take you back in time. 25 years ago, when the internet was still starting out. When the first few websites looked like a land of magical unicorns, with scrolling text, flashing lights, and bright colors. It was totally fascinating to see the emergence of new websites every day. Everything felt like a dream. Like Alice lost in wonderland with anenormous amount of opportunities.

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  • Street Culture: Life at Boxed Means “Do The Right Thing”

    …, and scaling up from the garage startup size is definitely one of them, Jeyanayagam says. The company doesn’t have the same capital that some of the bigger retailers have, and they might never have the $200 million marketing budget that some competitors are working with. “It’s about empowering people to make decisions even if they don’t have the budget,” he…

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  • Learn From The Pros: 5 Tips For Startups

    … Not every startup is launched the same way. You might start with a new product that you want to build a global company around, or just have an idea for a service that is poorly represented in your neighborhood. No matter which approach you use it can be exciting, but also daunting. After all, a lot of startups fail. But the great news…

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  • 4 Things to Look for While Buying an E-Commerce Startup

    … You do not always have to start a business from scratch. It might sometimes be easier to buy your way into the startup world. E-commerce is one of the most sought-after sectors when it comes to acquisitions, so buying an e-commerce startup could be the perfect option for you. Photo by Nick Morrison There are two reasons why people pursue the e…

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  • How to Use Video to Build a Thoroughly Engaged Workforce

    … Original source: How to Use Video to Build a Thoroughly Engaged Workforce via DailySEOblog. The key to business growth is cultivating a thoroughly engaged workforce. A workforce like that, full of people who are willing to go the extra mile, is what makes companies great. That’s hard to achieve, which is what drives companies to spend billions…

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  • Common Denominator: 5 Attitudes of Successful Entrepreneurs to Anchor Your Startup

    … themselves at least once. However, it only takes the right attitudes to anchor your business startup. 1. Optimistic: We’ve all gone through the different phases when making big decisions in life. However, the very core of any decision is optimism. An entrepreneur should have faith in himself and everybody else who helps in establishing the company…

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  • What You Need To Make Your Business A Success On Your Own

    … Going into business by yourself is a risky venture and many that start don’t make it passed the first year, wasting investment. The business world is full of competition, but there is always room for inventive new products that are the solution to a problem, or that use technology to revolutionize society. Less drastically, it could be that there…

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  • Why ‘Bodega’ won’t work

    … Yesterday, a new retail start-up made its splash onto the internet and you could say that it wasn’t the most auspicious of debuts. In a nutshell, the start-up called Bodega wants to put unmanned pantry boxes into places like apartment lobbies, gyms, student housing, offices, etc., so people won’t have to travel so far to get necessity items…

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  • 8 Top Ways To Go From Ordinary To Extraordinary

    … Every individual dream to live an extraordinary life but seeing the success of other people around them they end in tossing their dreams in too-hard basket but we all forget that to get that “Extra” factor in our lives, we need to put in some extra efforts. If your life involves a job where one spend more than 7 hours sitting in front…

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  • Street Culture: A New Way to Keep Score at CrowdOptic

    … of Ocean’s 11. But we do it legally, of course.” Fifteen employees are currently employed by Fisher, co-founder and CEO of IoT software company CrowdOptic, which combines data from multiple devices to create a bigger picture, seeing around corners and through walls. While Fisher is not planning to hire for dozens of new positions in the very near…

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  • Learn from Business Entrepreneurs Who Take the Time to Train Others

    …, with successful entrepreneurs who are willing to share their experiences with other people so they can better themselves, there’s a genuineness that one can put faith in. Here are several business entrepreneurs who still find the time to share their life experience. Gary Vaynerchuck Since the days of his family’s wine business and his earliest videos made…

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  • Why 2017 Investments Will Take Local Companies Farther With Less

    … markets relevant to your type of business. Movements, essential ones that embody the many startup mentalities, can happen faster and easier without the constraints that sometimes come with big investors. This year, Davis sees a trend of massively unprofitable startup companies going public. He two recent examples, of analytics and machine…

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  • Structuring a Team and Creating Transparency in the Midst of Company Chaos

    …, founder and CEO of beacon network company Freckle IoT, says that it’s about putting the right people in the right places. “There is nothing that can upset a startup more than getting the wrong people in place,” Sweeney says. “You can get the wrong people in places in bigger companies because there are so many other people around. But having a ruthless…

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  • Street Culture: Taking Estimote’s ‘No Barriers’ Culture Literally

    …, at its base. Krzych heard about this definition of culture from Andrew Mason, founder of Groupon and co-founder of hyperlocal audio app company Detour, at the seed accelerator Y Combinator in 2013. “Basically, he said that within your startup lifetime, you as a founder and as a team member, you will have a lot of temptations,” Krzych says. “And these…

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  • Street Culture: Six Vertical Pivoting its Culture with its Company

    … There are two options if you want to be a tech startup owner — one is to attach yourself to someone else’s startup in the early stages so you have equity options. The second option is to do it yourself. Doing it yourself often comes with a painful side effect, says Joshua Enders, managing partner of client success at digital commerce company…

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