• Learn from Business Entrepreneurs Who Take the Time to Train Others

      What’s better than learning from people who’ve already been successful in business and not people who haven’t? It’s always a little difficult taking financial advisors seriously because they pass along retirement investing advice and yet they’ve never been retired or tried living off their own investments. It’s all theoretical.

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    • Why 2017 Investments Will Take Local Companies Farther With Less

      There was a point in recent history, around 2014, when it seemed like investment firms were throwing money around. “It was growth at all costs,” Upserve CEO Angus Davis told us earlier this year. “That was tolerated in 2014. I don’t think that’s the case nowadays.” That time is long gone. Davis says that 2017 is a more difficult time for tech companies, especially software ...

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  • Structuring a Team and Creating Transparency in the Midst of Company Chaos

    …, founder and CEO of beacon network company Freckle IoT, says that it’s about putting the right people in the right places. “There is nothing that can upset a startup more than getting the wrong people in place,” Sweeney says. “You can get the wrong people in places in bigger companies because there are so many other people around. But having a ruthless…

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  • Street Culture: Taking Estimote’s ‘No Barriers’ Culture Literally

    … In a conference room, a sign on the wall says, “This is a no bullshit zone”. At beacon company Estimote, people are trying to take that statement extremely literally. The company’s mission is to build a new operating system for the physical world, and to get there the team needs zero bullshit. Culture is far too important to leave to chance…

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  • Street Culture: Six Vertical Pivoting its Culture with its Company

    … There are two options if you want to be a tech startup owner — one is to attach yourself to someone else’s startup in the early stages so you have equity options. The second option is to do it yourself. Doing it yourself often comes with a painful side effect, says Joshua Enders, managing partner of client success at digital commerce company…

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  • Street Culture: Pointy Focusing on People and Product, Not Process

    … Dublin-based digital search platform startup Pointy is still at that point where the culture is just what it is, without special definitions or structure. “I’ve been at companies before where the employees are silo-ed into sales teams and engineering teams,” says Mark Cummins, co-founder of Pointy. “The number of people on our team now is small…

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  • The In-Between Stage for Startups: Visions of Growth and the Value of Pivots

    … – the company isn’t public, but it’s not a tiny startup struggling to hold everything together. Bird says that Jeff Bezos’ well-known assertion that it will always be “day one” at Amazon resonates with her, but that financials can cloud the view of that goal. One reason that some companies lose sight of that “day one” mentality is the way people talk…

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  • 3 Things You Need To Know When Launching Your Startup’s Blog

    … on the topic. He has about seven categories that you should attempt to master before the launch of your startups blog. Layout Sure, you probably know the basics of web design. Or, maybe you hired a professional web designer. However, problems can still arise. Everyone makes mistakes. No matter how beautifully designed your site is, it still needs…

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  • Does the Juicero show that we’re headed for another tech bubble burst?

    … cost as much. As a matter of fact they don’t cost anything. The Juicero bags can be squeezed just as well by using your own two hands. Between this debacle and other newsworthy startups that have failed to meet expectations one can’t help but be reminded of the dotcom bubble bursting in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Do these failures indicate the beginning of the end for startup culture? Will we soon be talking about the startup bubble bursting? If current trends are any indicator, we just might be. Related …

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  • Street Culture: A Changing Culture of Inclusion and Conversation at Dispatch

    … It’s been nearly two years since we first spoke with software platform development company Dispatch about its culture, and the company now says it is using a secret weapon to iron out a few wrinkles in its operation. His name is Corey. “Let’s talk more about Corey,” says James Zar, Dispatch co-founder and current chief of strategy. Corey…

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  • 7 Must-Have Online Marketing Tools for Startups

    … startup world, dreams do come true. However, it’s not only with sheer luck that startups like UberCab transform into ubiquitous brands like Uber and become the most valued privately held company in the world. A lot of hard work, resilience, grit, and belief go into making a startup successful. What do all startups need? One common qualifier for startup…

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  • Why Every Mistake and Failure Will Contribute to Your Startup Growth

    … McCain’s.” Uber must deal with a new set of legal issues in every new country it conquers. The wise smiles we see on successful entrepreneurs are the result of years of struggle. And we’ll see how every mistake and failure can add to the growth of your startup. 1. Change your goal and act now! If you ask Dan Norris, the founder of WP Curve, what he…

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  • What’s Your Story?

    … is but what could be. The truth? Most of us want a life of meaning….of consequence. That’s your story. A story worth telling The entrepreneurs that change the world have a story. A narrative worth telling. This is where legacy starts. That will be a synthesis of your expertise, experience and your innate abilities. The heart of that is sometimes hard…

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  • The Fundamentals – Start a Business With These 4 Steps

    … on the fundamental aspects of how to run a business, and what you should do to ensure that you can run it well. That’s why you need to think about these areas of the company and see if you can focus on them as much as possible. Here is a list of some of the fundamentals you need to make sure you have before you can start a startup in 2017. Money Perhaps…

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