• 8 Easy Steps to Build a Personal Brand that Stands Out

      Personal branding is all about how people will remember you or what people associate you with. To make it simple, this is your own mark in this world and this mark is the quantification of all your knowledge, skills and attitude. What you know, what you are capable of doing and how you do things are all equally imperative in establishing a successful personal brand.

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    • 7 Must-Have Tools for Every Startup

      Creating a startup can be one of the most rewarding endeavors for any entrepreneur. The drive to propose an innovative solution to solve a pressing problem is the first, and often most exciting, step. But without certain must-have tools, your startup will not do nearly as well as it could. Every startup needs to be able to make the transition from an idea to a viable enterprise.

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  • The Literal And Not So Literal Route To Strong Startup Foundations

    … The Literal And Not So Literal Route To Strong Startup Foundations December 11, 2017 by Aaron Leave a Comment No matter how you approach it, the startup world is an uncertain place. The ground is uneven, and there’s always a risk of collapse. Hence, when you first start, it can seem as though everything is balancing on uncertain ground…

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  • How to Use Your Personal Finances for a Digital Marketing Startup

    … gratifying businesses you’ll ever create. Because in the long run, it recompenses major dividends. But starting your own company can be confusing especially if you don’t have so much ‘how much’ to back up your startup. Some aspirants opt to apply for a loan, some others use their cash savings and other sources of personal finances. So in this article…

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  • How Personas Are Turning More Important For Businesses? [How To Create Yours]

    … Are you well-versed with your customers? Do you know what actually they need? Where they love to shop? How much they earn? The answers to these questions might not relate to your product and services directly, but, these would certainly affect your marketing strategy. Why? It’s simple; being important characteristics of your customer’s behavior…

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  • Strengthening Your Business Startup: The Ultimate Guide

    … start-up: your ultimate guide. Establish Your Mindset and Your Goals As a small business entrepreneur, you make up only a small portion of the populace. But while the number of entrepreneurs nowadays is growing, not all of them have the right mindset. It is important to mentally prepare for your endeavor– think about why you are doing it and what…

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  • Street Culture: ‘OKRs’ and Omotenashi Lead the Culture at Button

    … OKRs – that’s “Objectives and Key Results” – are one of the drivers of culture at deep-linking software company Button. “OKRs are a major influencer to recruiting, internal interactions, how we onboard new employees, everything,” says Stephanie Mardell, Button’s head of people, in an interview with Street Fight. “It really pushes the support…

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  • 4 Startups Unable To Make It To The Finish Line

    … We live in an age we can rightly call the “Startup Age.” No matter what industry, occupation or location, we always think we can choose to become an entrepreneur – “It’s so easy, let’s just build our own startup.”, “How hard can it be?”, “If he can do it, I can too.”. But the reality is that it is very difficult to do and will take everything you…

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  • Street Culture: Life at Boxed Means “Do The Right Thing”

    … Wholesale ecommerce retailer Boxed is taking its position as team leader seriously. The company pays for its employees’ kids to go to college. It looked at the industry-wide “pink tax” and started a campaign against the higher prices. It even started contributing $20,000 to pay for employees’ weddings after CEO Chieh Huang heard about a tough…

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  • Learn From The Pros: 5 Tips For Startups

    … Not every startup is launched the same way. You might start with a new product that you want to build a global company around, or just have an idea for a service that is poorly represented in your neighborhood. No matter which approach you use it can be exciting, but also daunting. After all, a lot of startups fail. But the great news…

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  • 4 Things to Look for While Buying an E-Commerce Startup

    … You do not always have to start a business from scratch. It might sometimes be easier to buy your way into the startup world. E-commerce is one of the most sought-after sectors when it comes to acquisitions, so buying an e-commerce startup could be the perfect option for you. Photo by Nick Morrison There are two reasons why people pursue the e…

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  • How to Use Video to Build a Thoroughly Engaged Workforce

    … Original source: How to Use Video to Build a Thoroughly Engaged Workforce via DailySEOblog. The key to business growth is cultivating a thoroughly engaged workforce. A workforce like that, full of people who are willing to go the extra mile, is what makes companies great. That’s hard to achieve, which is what drives companies to spend billions…

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  • Common Denominator: 5 Attitudes of Successful Entrepreneurs to Anchor Your Startup

    … themselves at least once. However, it only takes the right attitudes to anchor your business startup. 1. Optimistic: We’ve all gone through the different phases when making big decisions in life. However, the very core of any decision is optimism. An entrepreneur should have faith in himself and everybody else who helps in establishing the company…

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  • Street Culture: Hooch Expansion Reveals Value in Multi-Function Employees

    … Lin Dai was at a wedding in New York. He ran into a friend he hadn’t seen in a while and told him about the job he had recently started, as one of the co-founding team of a free drink app startup, Hooch. At the time, the friend, Danny Yang, was a sales manager with Red Bull in Hong Kong. Later, Dai got a phone call from Yang. “He was so blown…

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  • 5 Killer Web Design Tips To Kick-Start Your Next Startup

    …, but not impossible. Because my grandfather still doesn’t use my website: p) To warp the box: So, here you are, at the end of the blog. I hope you got what you have hoped for. To tell you the truth, these tips helped me with my two ventures. These are tried & tested tips that are actionable for every Entrepreneur. Try them out and share your experience with us. Good luck! The post 5 Killer Web Design Tips To Kick-Start Your Next Startup appeared first on The Next Scoop. …

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