• 5 Tips When Starting a Business With Almost No Money

      You’ve come up with a business idea that you’ll think will fly and you’re excited. You’re prepared to take some risks like ditching your social life or quitting your current job. The only road bump that could threaten to burst your bubble is your bank balance. With little money in the kitty, getting a business off the ground may threaten your business dream.

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  • 3 Powerful Lessons for Novice Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

    … Almost five years ago, I started working full-time as a freelance writer. Joining the community of freelancers was completely unintentional, but a necessity. I was a co-founder of a startup that went belly-up. And I experienced something that every entrepreneur has to learn to stomach and recover from: the dark, miserable low of failure…

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  • If the Gym Fits, Reserve It — Startup Makes It Easy to Never Miss a Workout

    … How many times have you been stuck in traffic trying to get to the gym before the window closes and you need to be at work or home for dinner? I’m betting for many of you it’s a lot — certainly is for me. But suppose that gym on the other side of a sea of taillights was suddenly at the next off ramp? And, for that matter, the next ramp as well…

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  • 5 Sales and Marketing Tips Any Startup Will Find Helpful

    … We all know that when it comes to sales and marketing, startups face a lot of limitations, particularly in respect to their budgets. In addition to budget constraints, there are the limitations of manpower and the lack of experience and qualified professionals to look after the marketing wing. Most startups invariably encounter these stumbling…

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  • So what is growth hacking, really?

    … for this term, so let’s dig into what it really means. What is growth hacking, really? ‘Growth hacking’ meshes digital marketing with traditional marketing with customer retention and product performance. Growth roles typically apply to the startup world where software and apps are the products because these days, there’s a lot to gain from marketers being…

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  • Why the Lean Startup Approach might be Wasting your Time

    … The lean startup approach has affected millions of entrepreneurs and their startups. Our startup, for one, also adapted it. Build, measure & learn. Drawn on Snapchat It’s how you get from the assumption, to building it out, to tracking/learning from the data. After all, the faster you test things, the faster you get to product-market fit…

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  • Startup Lessons: Stop Fearing the Wrong Things

    … and it seems to have paid off for the most part. The last thing I want is for the team to get distracted from what we set out to do. That leads me to the topic for this blog post. Let’s face it. Startups are paranoid. The worst part? They fear the wrong things. Stop Being Scared of the Wrong Things If you are running a startup or part of one, try…

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  • Facebook Sets Up Shop in Paris’ Station F Startup Campus

    …. This six-month program is designed for 10 to 15 startups dedicated to data, which will take up an 80-desk zone on campus. Wait– it gets even better: These startups and the rest of the entire Station F campus will be able to benefit from Facebook’s experts and experience in a variety of fields, including marketing, technical development, UX/UI (user…

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  • Startup Focus: Less Fluff, More Focus on Business Impact

    … with our products as well. You will always have lots of things in your list that you could build, which you “think” would make many people happy. But is it really worth it? Are people really using them? More importantly, will it affect your main metric? Face It, You’re Doing Too Much In most cases, startups tend to lose focus on what brought…

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  • Startup Killers: The Users That You Don’t Want

    … Priorities You are a startup. Cash is tight, you have release cycles, new features being developed already, you already have a plan in place and you are solving something that’s already been proven with your MVP. When you are just getting started, a majority of startups will take every user they can get their hands on since that’s essentially the name…

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  • What We Read in 2016

    … details. I mean that this essay is so good and intimate that it reads like a thoughtful short story. It’s about one woman’s experiences working for startups. The subhead, “I would say more, but I signed an NDA” sets up the tragic humor that’s to come over the next half hour. Wiener can’t share the names of people or companies, so she tells her story…

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  • Dealing with Launch Delay and Why You Need to Launch Quickly

    …. For a lot of startups, they practically can’t afford delays. Yeah, yeah, we don’t want to launch something half-assed, buggy or unfinished but would you rather get delayed over and over again? Are you sure you know what’s really causing the delays? Is the delay justified? What do you do to cope with delays? Here’s my take, from my own actual experiences…

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  • 3 Ways to Turn Your Customers Into an Effective Marketing Channel

    … A common challenge for startups is how to generate awareness and attract new customers. Many don’t have the resources to pursue traditional marketing or public-relations efforts, and must find creative ways to increase their visibility. One channel that’s especially valuable for these companies is word-of-mouth marketing, a medium…

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  • The Top 6 Ways to Grow Your App

    … interface. Iterate fast or fail: Time to product market fit is the most important metric a mobile app can optimize for in its early days. As Andrew Chen, who runs supply growth at Uber, explains: “Startups are either growing or dying.” If you have a finite amount of venture-capital-funded cash in the bank and a monthly burn, and you aren’t making…

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