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  • State of Digital is expanding the chiefs team with Barry Adams

    … “Hire the best people for the job and don’t be afraid to let them do the job.” It’s a management saying you hear a lot. It’s also something most managers don’t do. When I asked Sam Noble to become chief editor of State of Digital, I tried to do just that: hire the best person for the job. Even though we are all in it on an honorary basis…

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  • Meet our new Chief: Sam Noble!

    … that our audience can relate to, learn from and put into action. Whenever we write content, we always ask the bloggers to put the audience first and ask themselves ‘so what…’ at the end of writing the piece. It is important to always summarise the post and make the stuff you wrote worth reading and acting upon. We have a lot of plans including new…

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  • Lessons from one year State of Digital

    … Last year we re-branded to State of Digital, so this year we are ‘celebrating’. And what better way to celebrate than to give away something. In this case I want to ‘give away’ my experience, the lessons I learned in the past year. They might come of use. You need a great team You need a team, we all know that, you need a good team some would…

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  • Thank You Editors!

    … As you may have noticed, today is our birthday, our first birthday! And as you might know, the first year is always the toughest year. Everything is new and growing pains are felt througout. That’s why I feel really lucky to have help running State of Digital. Lots of help! Off course we have a great blogging team, a team which I am very…

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  • Top 10 Posts of One Year State of Digital

    Today is our birthday! Last year on September 17, we re-branded to State of Digital, having been State of Search for several years. Today we are celebrating our anniversary. If you want to know again why, do look at the concept ideas we had last year. Today we will be looking back and forward. To great content which was and great content to come. Let’s start with looking back a little.

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  • It’s our birthday!

    Today is our birthday! Really? Yes really! Well, a little bit at least. Last year on September 17, wewe re-branded State of Search into State of Digital. From that point on, our new life started. With a lot broader focus and a lot more focus on helping you become a better marketer. Celebrate with us! On this page we will collect all the things we do today to celebrate our birthday.

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