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  • 160 Web marketing events deserving attention in 2016

    … Digital Marketing Ungagged Las Vegas (NV) USA 13-14 Digital Marketing State of Search Dallas (TX) NL 14-15 SEO, PPC Emerce Performance Amsterdam NL 17 eCommerce Web Marketing Festival Brno CZ ? Digital Marketing Social Media Strategies Summit Boston (MA) USA ? Social Media Search Marketing Connect Milan IT ? SEO, PPC, Social December IAB Forum Milan…

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  • SEO is Not Part of Website Development? Really?

    … After taking a website for a quick pre-launch spin before its designers moved it off the development server a developer said, “SEO is not part of development.” Although I was performing accessibility compliance tests for my client, not SEO, I was stunned. I started building websites in 1995 and SEO was been part of that process. In fact, back…

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  • Just Another Pothole in an SEO Client Relationship

    … As consultants, most of us have faced situations where a client decides to not follow our advice. It’s frustrating and disheartening and can often contribute to the deterioration of the relationship. If it does, guess what? It’s all on you! A consultant is just someone that offers advice. We’ve all received advice that we chose not to follow…

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  • PPC Audits: A Guide to Playing Fair

    … PPC Audits: A Guide to Playing Fair July 22, 2015 by Andrew Goodman Leave a Comment Arbitrary destruction of reputations turns people into slaves. -Nassim Nicholas Taleb, recent Facebook post Ever been taken down by an “ambush audit”? It’s not fun. Tempted to win new business yourself by ambushing an incumbent agency? Tempting, but… Is your…

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  • Is Google’s Relationship With The Webmaster Community Becoming Fractured?

    … open” with webmasters is doing more harm than good and that until such time as they come up with a coherent messaging strategy, they should rethink their approach. Some of the best advice I received when I first entered this industry was that sometimes it is best to just say nothing. Would Google be well served by doing the same? Or is the somewhat misleading better than silence? The post Is Google’s Relationship With The Webmaster Community Becoming Fractured? appeared first on The SEM Post. …

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  • The Penguin Algorithm: An Issue of Ethics

    On April 24th, 2012 Matt Cutts, the head of Webspam at Google, announced they would be releasing the first “Penguin Algorithm”. Although the focus these days is mostly about links many people forget Penguin was not released to only target link spam, it was also created to target “…sites that we believe are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines.

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  • What Do These Google AdWords Features Really Do?

    There are tens of thousands of PPC account managers out there today, which has led to a surprisingly wide range of account strategies. Can they all be right? If you’re an opinionated PPC pro like myself, you’re bound to think someone else’s theories are, well… weird. That bias being acknowledged, let the sparring begin! Even some of the more thoughtful professionals in these r ...

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  • Separating the SEO Signal from the Noise

    … With hundreds of voices clamoring to be heard, most professing to be God’s gift to SEO, it can seem impossible to figure out who to listen to. The fact that there is so much disagreement in what they all have to say makes it even tougher. So how do you pick the right voice to heed? There’s no universal formula for separating the wisdom from…

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  • Is SSL a Blackhole? Or is it the Event Horizon?

    … Black holes are arguably one of the most inaccurately-named phenomena in the universe (barring government intelligence, at least). A “hole” is a region that is devoid of anything, whether it’s a hole in your shirt, your garden or your logic. Black holes, on the contrary, are so full, that their density creates a gravity so intense that even light…

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  • Our Top Ten State of the Industry Commentaries of 2014

    … Goodman In a series of State of the Industry commentaries, Andrew explores the role that live digital conferences has in the industry today and how different it is from the days when Search Engine Strategies (now ClickZ Live) was the premier search conference. Many things have changed, especially from the sponsorship point of view, and what this might…

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  • Looking Into the Crystal Ball: 8 Predictions for SEO in 2015

    … visibility. 2. Mobile is key. In the past year, it has becoming increasingly clear that mobile is an extremely important platform for web traffic. Google has continued to prioritize mobile usability. In search engine rankings, Google has also been penalizing sites that don’t work properly on mobile devices. The Google Pigeon update was also created…

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