Statistical Significance

Statistical significance is the probability that an effect is not due to just chance alone. It is an integral part of statistical hypothesis testing where it is used as an important value judgment. In statistics, a result is considered significant not because it is important or meaningful, but because it has been predicted as unlikely to have occurred by chance alone.The present-day concept of statistical significance originated from Ronald Fisher when he developed statistical hypothesis testing in the early 20th century.
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  • 6 Must-Know Tips for Successful A/B Testing

    … that information to smarter A/B tests that truly impact your conversion rate. 3. Make sure you reach statistical significance Statistical significance refers to “the low probability of obtaining at least as extreme results given that the null hypothesis is true.” In ordinary language, it means you’re sure the results of your test were reliable. Statistical…

    George Mathew/ The Daily Egg- 27 readers -
  • Seven Conversion Rate Tactics That Increased Sales by $21 Million

    … nine to two. Using VWO, we let the test run for more than 45 days. The winning variation was the clean checkout variation, which resulted in an 11.4% increase in conversion rates, at a 99% statistical significance level. The change meant an additional $100,000 per year in sales. 3. Clear Call to Action Make your CTA big, bold, and bright…

    MarketingProfs- 16 readers -
  • The Great Disavow Debate

    … to Recover From a Penguin Penalty? To explore this matter, we looked at a few client recoveries to correlate traffic recovery with link attrition. We correlate search engine traffic from SEMrush and link loss/acquisition from Ahrefs. You can see the graphs below: Site 1: Site 2: Site 3: Site 4: Site 5: By looking at the first chart for each site…

    Marcela De Vivo/ Search Engine Watchin SEO Google- 10 readers -
  • How to Stop Wasting AdWords Spend In Just 3 Clicks

    … and track a 26-round multivariate ad test down to the ad group level in only a few minutes. It then records, tracks and reports each round of ad tests each time one reaches statistical significance. Ready to take Hero Pro for a test drive? (Free for 10 days – No Credit Card Required, No Strings Attached)…

    Jeremy Page/ PPC Heroin Paid Search How To's- 13 readers -
  • Customer Choice and Conversion: Less Is More

    … calls to action, including calls to sign up for the newsletter and like them on Facebook. They hypothesized that these extra CTAs were only distracting customers. To test this, they created a simpler variation with only one bold CTA that asked customers to continue to checkout. The variation performed better by 11.40% with a 99% statistical…

    The Daily Egg- 25 readers -
  • Part 9: SEM Ad Copy Testing Insights for Your CMO

    … “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” ― Aristotle Does DKI improve performance? Google is rolling out the ad customizer tool, which Search Engine Land calls “Dynamic Keyword Insertion On Steroids.” So it seems appropriate to reevaluate the merits of Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI). There…

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlogin Paid Search SEO- 10 readers -
  • 6 Email A/B Tests You Can Run Today (And Get Results)

    … subject line that you should test? Here are 6 subject line test possibilities. 1. Length: Which works better — a short subject line or a long subject line? MailChimp reports that 28–39 characters is the sweet spot. I’ve found that even shorter can sometimes be better. 2. Curiosity: Which works better — a subject line that reveals the contents…

    Neil Patel/ The Daily Eggin EMail- 29 readers -
  • Tips For Testing New Things In Marketing

    … The Holiday Shopping season is upon us! In my opinion, it’s one of the best times ever to run new tests in Marketing. Running and measuring tests requires a massive amount of data to arrive at statistical significance. There will never be more data available than during your company’s busy season (which happens to be Q4 for many businesses…

    Ian Lopuch/ PPC Ianin Affiliate- 9 readers -
  • Why You Can’t Just Trust Your Split Test Stats

    …! Blindly following the stats is a mistake and can cost you and your clients the two things businesses never have enough of – time and money. You can’t just rely on stats – you have to use your brain! The programs that analyze your stats and determine that your experiments have reached statistical significance are written to tell you if your tests…

    Adam Lundquist/ PPC Hero- 5 readers -
  • Heatmaps Role in Conversion Optimization Q&A

    … to something. Q: How do you determine the right amount of traffic to create a valid assessment of a heatmap? Or to make it statistically significant? A: The thing to understand with click heatmaps is that you are not aiming for statistical significance. A click heatmap is an indicator of how people are acting that leads to hypotheses. It’s…

    Jacqueline Mcdonald/ WiderFunnel- 5 readers -
  • Mobile Marketing Optimization Q&A

    … changes. So going back to test is worth doing. But give yourself some time and run through a bunch of tests, and then go back and validate. And if nothing else, this can be used as a tech check to make sure your statistical significance is working out. Q: Do you have any kind of tips for dealing with HIPPO’s (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) who…

    Jacqueline Mcdonald/ WiderFunnelin Mobile- 13 readers -
  • How to Write the Perfect Email That Gets Opened and Clicked

    … test we conducted, there would be an average of 3,300 customers in each group. To ensure our results had statistical significance, we used this A/B Calculator. 4. The Email Platform Before you can start testing, you need a solid email marketing platform that lets you perform A/B split test campaigns. We decided to use MailChimp as it has detailed…

    The Daily Eggin EMail How To's- 16 readers -
  • Supercharge Your PPC Workflow

    … for optimization in the upcoming months. Ad test analysis. Review ad copy tests, pause losers and start new tests. Take note of tests that don’t have enough data for statistical significance, so you can look at them next month. Remarketing audience performance review. Are your remarketing audiences performing the way you expected? Do you need to create new…

    Melissa Mackey/ Search Engine Watchin Paid Search- 13 readers -
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