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  • Google now handles at least 2 trillion searches per year

    … Google has claimed in the past. To understand that, let’s go through the history of what Google itself has said it handles in terms of searches per year. An important note here. All the numbers below are those that Google itself claimed, not those from third-parties. Also important: it’s easy to find sites claiming to show a year-by-year progression…

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  • Yes, Steve Scalise, There Was A Google In 2002

    … that it already faced criticism from some groups that it was already too big and too powerful — and that’s also the year it was censored by China. A generous view of Scalise’s statement might be that perhaps search engines, while available, weren’t widely used in 2002. However, even that reading doesn’t hold up. Consider this chart from Pew Internet, which…

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  • Yahoo Directory Closes, Five Days Early

    … The Yahoo Directory, the core part of how Yahoo itself began in 1994, officially closed today, five days ahead of when Yahoo had said the end would come. If you try to reach the Yahoo Directory at its long-standing address of you’ll now be redirected to a new location of with a home page…

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  • Using The Past To Predict The Future For Local Search

    … on a searcher’s personal situation, such as: User location User search history Regular sites users visit The more information Google holds about a user, the more tailored and relevant the results that can be served. More About Location. A big change witnessed since the Pigeon update is how Google determines the “location” for a search. Previously, it used…

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