Stephen Elop

Stephen Elop (born 31 December 1963) is the Vice President of Microsoft's Devices & Services business unit. During his tenure at Nokia he held the posts of CEO and later Executive Vice President, Devices & Services. A Canadian citizen, Elop was the first non-Finn to be named CEO of Nokia, on 21 September 2010. During the 3 years Elop was Nokia CEO, Nokia revenues fell 40%, Nokia profits fell 95%, Nokia market share collapsed in smartphones from 34% to 3.4%, Nokia's credit rating went from A to junk, Nokia's share price dropped 60% in value and Nokia's market capitalization lost 13 billion dollars in value.
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    … forward any new Nokia hardware will probably run Android software. The company experimented with an Android phone, the Nokia X, earlier this year but Microsoft decided to kill it after only a few months on the market. I continue to believe had former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (once and again with Microsoft) elected to go with Android instead of its…

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