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  • Finding your place on the web, when it seems so crowded out here

    … is flooded with me-too content. It is certainly possible to create a stand-out voice through expertise. 5. Promotion and volume Rayson It’s a sad thing, but it’s possible to bury even the best content out there if you do a good job with promotion, SEO, and sheer volume. Steve Rayson of BuzzSumo recently wrote a very comprehensive thought piece…

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  • Crowd Pleaser Content Defined

    …. Consists of authoritative listings or guides. Example: Neil Patel’s Marketing Guides. Controversial opinions. Pick an argument many people feel strongly about. Ideally this should be something authoritative that your audience has strong views on. BuzzSumo and Fractal consider this a top content theme. Example: Mark Schaeffer’s Content Shock…

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  • 20 Extraordinary Content Marketing Insights

    … that say sign up or click agree I am an idiot who doesn’t want more sales. However, the data suggests that pop up firms work, so we are likely to see more of them.” Content shock hasn’t even started yet. Content Shock is real and here but we are just starting to see the impact. The number of internet users is growing, tools to create content are easier…

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  • 20 Types of Conference Blog Post Content You Can Use

    Unicorn Gold by Squatty Potty. Buy here: SquattyPotty website: Credits: Agency: Harmon Brothers Creative Director: Daniel Harmon Agency Managing Director: Benton Crane Art Director: Dillon Eleffson Account Director: Theron Harmon Writers: Dave Vance, Mallory Everton, Jonny Vance, Daniel Harmon Executive Producer: Theron Harmon P ...

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