• 7 Lessons For Retail In The Age of E-Commerce

    … online. Changing the look and feel of your store periodically gives a good push in footfalls and ultimately sales. Work on the store’s design and layout, and the products you sell. Your physical store can benefit from a strategy similar to content calendars for digital marketing. Story is a store based in New York. The store renovates itself…

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  • How to Use Storytelling to Strengthen Your Brand on Social Media

    … The idea of using a good story to engage an audience has been around as long as language itself, but it’s still an emerging concept in digital marketing. Successful companies have the ability to tell compelling stories that both reinforce their brand and boost sales. Telling your brand story in a way that will intrigue your audience is crucial…

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  • 7 Creative Snapchat Tips to Improve Your Stories

    … and tell a story. In fact, you should do this. However, mix it up with some short photos, filters, different angles, different settings, or show something with the back-facing camera. It’s not hard to do and makes all the difference. Vary your snaps to keep your audience’s attention. #2: Get Creative and Play With Filters Snapchat is a creative…

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  • Why you need a signature story–maybe several of them

    …. If you haven’t written your signature story, use the guidelines here to get it done! Evoke emotions with a story One way to evoke emotions is with a story. The story can be specifically relevant to the product, but you should also have a signature story, one that shows your audience WHY you’re in business, why you want to help them. Your story…

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  • The Art of Story: How to Captivate an Audience

    …. Listen Now Listen now: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, Stitcher, SoundCloud or Blackberry. Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show: The Art of Story Michael’s story Michael shares how he started his career as an actor. He has a master from the graduate acting…

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  • How Big Brands Hook Viewers with Emotional Content: 4 Takeaways for Video Marketers

    Video Marketing: How the Big Brands Hook an Audience with Killer Emotional ContentDid You Know? 65 percent of the Population are Visual Learners & Video is the Best Way to Communicate With Them If you’ve seen “Enter the Dragon” (and if you haven’t, you really should), you might remember the scene at the beginning of the movie when Bruce Lee spars with his student, Lahn.

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  • 6 Ways Successful Videos Use Stories

    … In October of 2014 iNature Skincare, a small skincare company, sought to increase visits to their website and grow recognition of their products. They sponsored a video called “Comfortable” proposed by an independent filmmaker. It was a gamble. The video went viral, with over 4 million views on YouTube in the first two weeks. The video has…

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  • Silence is Golden: Be Quiet and Let Your Video Speak for Itself

    … or no noise, is a really well-made silent video. We bring you 7 top tips to using this kind of approach in your video marketing. #1 Tell a Moving, Compelling Story A silent video forces viewers to focus more on what is happening on screen, which makes it even more important to tell a story through actions that illustrate the importance of your product…

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  • How to Leverage Storytelling for eCommerce Success

    … with stories. When we hear a story about someone taking a certain action, the part of our brain that lights up is the same as the one that lights up if we were doing the same action. We literally feel like a part of the story! So how can you use this on your website? How do you get your customers to engage with you and your products? More…

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