Story Telling

  • How to Become an Immersive Storyteller (and Boost Engagement)

    …, and jot it down. Don’t worry about polishing, editing, and vamping it up at first – simply focus on telling the story and sticking to the truth. Authenticity is the most important part of immersive storytelling. You can use all of the exhilarating tech gadgets in the world to bring your tale to life, but if it doesn’t ring true, customers won’t want…

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  • Tips From Special Agent Gibbs on How to Write Better Copy

    …! GIBBS: Then can you get to the point? ABBY: Yes, Gibbs. LESSON TO BE LEARNED: Abby loves running on at the mouth and telling stories. Gibbs, however, is the complete opposite: straight to the bottom line. If you force prospects to read a ton of copy that they don’t want to read, you’ll lose them before you get to the part that would likely…

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  • Convert Your Skimming Visitors to Addicted Blog Readers

    … Blog readers can be very fickle – with so many distractions around, why should they read your blog? Do people even care about your blog posts? You put in your heart and soul to create and publish a powerful piece but each time, it’s tantamount to shouting your words in an abyss. One of the scariest parts of web analytics to look at is your…

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