Story Telling

  • How to Become an Immersive Storyteller (and Boost Engagement)

    …, and jot it down. Don’t worry about polishing, editing, and vamping it up at first – simply focus on telling the story and sticking to the truth. Authenticity is the most important part of immersive storytelling. You can use all of the exhilarating tech gadgets in the world to bring your tale to life, but if it doesn’t ring true, customers won’t want…

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  • Tips From Special Agent Gibbs on How to Write Better Copy

    … (also called personas) as well as storytelling to give your copy a more personal and relatable touch. Once you get to know your customers (and all their various segments) and get to understand them, you’ll discover a far more effective way to communicate with them via copywriting. And that always leads to more sales! Please share this post with your friends.…

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  • Convert Your Skimming Visitors to Addicted Blog Readers

    … to story telling. The Wikipedia definition of storytelling is: Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, sound and/or images, often by improvisation or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and instilling moral values. It is the main reason…

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  • The Hack is Back- How To Get Access to Some Incredible Story Telling Training

    … of a single weekend. One of the weekend favorites (I’ve heard this from SO many people), was my amazing business partner, Chris. He tore up the stage, had people in tears with his incredible stories, and blew people’s minds with his EPIC Story training. It was actually amazing (and the only time I’ve ever seen this happen)- the corporate team kept…

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  • 5 Essential Thought Leadership Skills For Content Marketing Success

    … to love everything you say, but they trust that your intentions are good and you've done your homework. You understand that this trust is a currency in communications and you're not going to do anything crazy to lose it. Melissa Mackey is a great example of a credible personality in PPC. She's worked hard over several years to build an audience…

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  • How to Tell Your Story and Connect with Your Audience on YouTube

    … they are compelled to consume even more of your content. But don’t just stop at the content of your individual videos. Your Story Starts on Your YouTube One Channel Home Page Try to think of your YouTube channel as a complete package. Because it stands to reason that anyone who wants to learn more about you, will more than likely visit your One…

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