• Here’s Why National Geographic Rules Social Video

    … synonymous with powerful storytelling, incredible photography, and compelling messages. And now in the digital age, NatGeo has expanded its media empire even further, boasting over 140 million followers across all its social media accounts. The brand has also morphed into a dominating online video publisher on platforms like Instagram…

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  • How to Use The Power of Storytelling to Connect With Your Audience

    …. Why storytelling is important In recent years, “storytelling” has become a buzzword in marketing and the corporate world. Stories are an integral part of our society and culture. You will find stories are everywhere – movies, books, news, media, music, religion. But did you know that this isn’t a new concept, and is as old as humanity? 90% of our…

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  • 10 Pro Tips for Creating The Perfect Whiteboard Animation Video

    … to create the best whiteboard animation explainer video for your business! 1. Use the power of storytelling Nobody can resist a well told story. As human beings, we live for stories, we can’t help but be attracted to them. Use this power of attraction, and, instead of just trying to make a sale, tell a story – present your content using storytelling…

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  • WWE’s Raw Ingredient to Video Smackdown Success: Epic Storytelling

    … videos and playlists feature sports entertainment, not competitive wrestling. WWE Videos = Entertainment And WWE’s talent aren’t referred to as “wrestlers.” They’re called “WWE Superstars” until they retire, and then they’re called “WWE Legends.” Hey, you wouldn’t call historical figures like John Henry an average railroad worker or fictional…

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  • Become a better brand writer with this top tip

    … learnt during a career in journalism, where procrastinating over a blank page simply isn’t an option. Let’s get started. Founding facts are your friend Your first port of call is to consider the “who, what, when, where and why” of what you need to say. Explain it like you’d explain it to someone if you had ten seconds with them in an elevator…

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  • 3 Museum Design Principles to Help Your Content Marketing

    … Museum content development and content marketing have one important principle in common: creating memorable experiences. Think back to the last time you visited a museum. Did you realize that you were walking through a three-dimensional version of the user experience you’re trying to create as a content marketer? Because that’s exactly what you…

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  • The Impact of Micro-Moments on the Consumer Journey

    … very new the idea of micro-moments is in the digital marketing world. Think with Google leads the charge on researching the ways smartphone technology revolutionizes the digital marketing space. Do a cursory google search on micro-moments, and you’ll find that they occur when people reflexively: Turn to a device – increasingly a smartphone…

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  • Why Pitches Are the Key to Great Content Marketing

    … Go find a six-year-old—preferably a nephew or niece, not some random kid at Whole Foods—and ask them to make up a story. Watch as their eyes light up, how their words jumble together with excitement and wonder. Observe how their arms wave and their fingers spread, as if they’re conjuring a tornado of imagination. Listen as they come up…

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  • How to Use Storytelling to Strengthen Your Brand on Social Media

    … The idea of using a good story to engage an audience has been around as long as language itself, but it’s still an emerging concept in digital marketing. Successful companies have the ability to tell compelling stories that both reinforce their brand and boost sales. Telling your brand story in a way that will intrigue your audience is crucial…

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