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    • Adthena Giving Culture the Credit It Deserves

      Search intelligence company Adthena is headquartered in London, and in October officially launched its new U.S.-based offices in New York and Austin. To ensure that expansion would reflect the company’s values, founder and CEO Ian O’Rourke brought the new U.S. team to London specifically to assimilate them to Adthena’s company culture.

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  • Street Culture: ‘OKRs’ and Omotenashi Lead the Culture at Button

    … OKRs – that’s “Objectives and Key Results” – are one of the drivers of culture at deep-linking software company Button. “OKRs are a major influencer to recruiting, internal interactions, how we onboard new employees, everything,” says Stephanie Mardell, Button’s head of people, in an interview with Street Fight. “It really pushes the support…

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  • Street Culture: Life at Boxed Means “Do The Right Thing”

    … Wholesale ecommerce retailer Boxed is taking its position as team leader seriously. The company pays for its employees’ kids to go to college. It looked at the industry-wide “pink tax” and started a campaign against the higher prices. It even started contributing $20,000 to pay for employees’ weddings after CEO Chieh Huang heard about a tough…

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  • Street Culture: Hooch Expansion Reveals Value in Multi-Function Employees

    …, but Dai says that one of the company’s biggest strengths is its team. There are 10 full time employees and about a dozen part timers, and Dai says that personal references is one of the leadership’s favorite ways to find new talent. “When we have the need to extend into a different city, we ask our advisers or friends or people who we know…

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  • Street Culture: Blind References Help Weed Out Drama at Zaius

    …, which was acquired by NetSuite. So Gally is no stranger to the challenges that come with startups, and cites a number of elements about company culture that he says Zaius works continually to sustain. “In the hiring process, we often use the terms ‘smart, hungry, and humble,’” he says. “This notion of being humble is really a critical component…

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  • At Liftoff, a Classic Formula for Company Culture

    … A 4.9 rating on Glassdoor is impressive. It’s the rating that mobile app marketing and targeting company Liftoff has earned, and it might be the best Glassdoor rating of all the companies that have ever been featured on Street Culture since spring 2015. It’s just one metric measuring a formula of company values, employee sentiment…

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  • Street Culture: A New Way to Keep Score at CrowdOptic

    … of Ocean’s 11. But we do it legally, of course.” Fifteen employees are currently employed by Fisher, co-founder and CEO of IoT software company CrowdOptic, which combines data from multiple devices to create a bigger picture, seeing around corners and through walls. While Fisher is not planning to hire for dozens of new positions in the very near…

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  • Street Culture: A Look at the Spinoff Culture at Conichiwa

    … A spinoff company from a larger mothership might already have culture built in. At Conichiwa, a Berlin-based proximity agency and beacon company, that’s not quite what is happening. With seven employees, Conichiwa is tasked with finding location-based solutions for aviation, banking, retail, and healthcare industries – breaking away from…

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  • Street Culture: Metrics for a Global Community

    …, that culture and purpose are nice to have, but the primary focus needs to be on the business model and the market and ultimately driving profit and shareholder value. And what I would say to that is that the world is changing. It’s changing quickly, and any business leader that is ignoring the broader role of the corporation or the organization in the wider world, A. they have their head in the sand, and B. they’re missing a massive, massive opportunity.” April Nowicki is a contributor at Street Fight. …

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  • Street Culture: Taking Estimote’s ‘No Barriers’ Culture Literally

    … In a conference room, a sign on the wall says, “This is a no bullshit zone”. At beacon company Estimote, people are trying to take that statement extremely literally. The company’s mission is to build a new operating system for the physical world, and to get there the team needs zero bullshit. Culture is far too important to leave to chance…

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  • Street Culture: Six Vertical Pivoting its Culture with its Company

    … There are two options if you want to be a tech startup owner — one is to attach yourself to someone else’s startup in the early stages so you have equity options. The second option is to do it yourself. Doing it yourself often comes with a painful side effect, says Joshua Enders, managing partner of client success at digital commerce company…

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  • Street Culture: Balancing Structure and Exploration in Company Culture

    … a company is that you have to think through how to create a team as you become more successful,” says Sarah Bird, of SEO software company Moz. The culture needs to invite innovation, she says – but it’s still crucially important, especially as a company grows, to maintain a kind of structure that holds the company together. Company leaders must…

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  • Street Culture: Pointy Focusing on People and Product, Not Process

    …-to-day tests that crop up. “Multiple locations, I think that’s going to be really hard,” he says. “That’s the one I can see coming down the track. Maybe we will need to codify the culture a little more and be more explicit about values, have more about internal communications. I’ve spoken to founders of other companies and it seems that it’s somewhere between 20 and 30 employees that’s that magic point, that extra layer where everything gets more difficult.” April Nowicki is a contributor at Street Fight. …

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  • Street Culture: Why Telecommuting Makes Sense for Some Tech Startups

    … Regular telecommuting among the non-self-employed population has grown by 103% since 2005, according to U.S. Census Bureau data analyzed by “Two fears about corporate culture often arise when organizations consider allowing remote work,” writes Rodney L. Lowman, author of A Comprehensive Guide to Theory, Skills…

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