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    • New Report Shows Urban SMBs Do Better with Agency Help

      Street Fight’s new analysis, The Urban SMB Report, indicates that local business owners in big cities get better results from their digital marketing efforts by not doing it themselves. The more they outsource, either to internal staff or to an agency, the higher their satisfaction rating. But there is room for improvement.

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  • New Data Shows National Marketers Want to Place Dollars in Local Media

    …. In our latest report, we found something similar. National marketers care an awful lot about local media, and they put stock in some of the traditional channels such as radio and print, but they’re shifting dollars and interest toward digital innovations. Local media have a big opportunity to leverage their local context and relationships, and lead…

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  • Report: Executive Survey on Hyperlocal Tech and Tactics

    … What’s on the mind of technology and marketing suppliers targeting the connected local economy? According to Street Fight Insights analysis, they’re keen on mobile — perhaps too keen — but struggling with their own companies’ brand awareness. Street Fight wanted to get a quick snapshot of what’s on the minds of companies selling technology…

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  • Webinar: Location-Based Marketing Strategies to Lure Holiday Shoppers

    … Webinar: Location-Based Marketing Strategies to Lure Holiday Shoppers November 12, 2015 by Noah Elkin Leave a Comment Filed Under: Features, Street Fight Insights The busiest retail season of the year is upon us, and it’s shaping up to be a good one. Researcher eMarketer is predicting strong holiday shopping sales, with November and December…

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  • Report: Getting the Most out of Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing

    … plan to increase their efforts. So what’s the problem? Earlier, I outlined some potential mismatches between SMB marketer expectations and what social media is really good for. My Street Fight colleague Stephanie Miles went into more detail, with seven key insights that marketing suppliers can pass along to small business customers. At the same…

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  • Connecting the Local-Mobile Economy, One Step at a Time

    … on a majority of users’ home screens. Plus, this dialog is way over the heads of the small merchants who drive a significant part of local commerce. The challenges of selling innovative technologies to local small businesses is a recurring Street Fight theme. This webinar summarizes many of the issues revealed by our survey-driven Local Merchant…

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  • Report: Breaking into the Inbox with Successful Pitches to Local Merchants

    … the nuances and differing objectives and priorities of retailers, local service providers, restaurants, and business services. Suppliers need to build products and services to suit these market conditions, then streamline them plus simplify their selling. Street Fight Insights teamed up with Thrive Analytics to survey 500+ small business owners in the U.S…

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  • What Questions Do You Have About the State of Local Marketing?

    … in measuring ROI quickly and effectively. Q: Is mobile really catching on among SMBs? A: While only 22% of SMBs have made the leap and adopted mobile advertising platforms, those who have are jumping in with both feet allocating nearly ¼ of their marketing budget to mobile out of the gate. This insight makes mobile an interesting area for service providers…

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