Structured Data

  • Rich Cards expands to more verticals

    … At Google I/O in May, we launched Rich Cards for Movies and Recipes, creating a new way for site owners to present previews of their content on the Search results page. Today, we’re expanding to two new verticals: Local restaurants and Online courses. Evolution of search results for queries like [best New Orleans restaurants] and [leadership…

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  • Promote your local businesses reviews with markup

    … Since the launch of critic reviews last year, we have been focused on supporting more types of reviews, like restaurant reviews, cafes, or any other type of a local business. Recently we’ve announced the availability of critic reviews for local businesses. By incorporating structured data to their sites, publishers can promote their content…

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  • How to add markup to your email marketing

    … adding quick actions to your emails, triggering Google Now cards, and enriching your users’ search results with information from their inbox – and how you can get started with adding simple markup to your emails. Why should you use email markup? If you haven’t encountered structured data vocabulary before, or aren’t too clear on what…

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  • The complete beginner’s guide to markup

    … Do you know how to speak ‘search engine’? If there ever was a universal language for communicating with search engines, is probably it. What is, you ask? Before I answer that question, first I need to explain what structured data is. In its simplest sense, structured data is information formatted in a way that can…

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  • How to speak ‘Search Engine’

    … found that 36.6% of Google search results incorporated Schema rich snippets, yet only 0.3% of websites actually made use of Schema markup at all. The study also found that pages which used Schema ranked on average 4 places higher in search than pages which didn’t, although Searchmetrics was keen to emphasise that this might not be entirely down…

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  • Structured Data Markup 101: Understanding the Importance

    … The issue with website content is that it has to be written with multiple audiences in mind. First off, you have to write for your target market of customers and users. It needs to be written and structured in a way that they can understand and relate to your business. But unfortunately, that’s not your only focus. Because most people land…

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  • Structured Markup Does Not Affect Google Search Rankings

    … The question came up in today’s Google Webmaster Office Hours about how Google handles sites that use structured markup versus those that don’t, and whether sites that use it get any kind of extra ranking boost when it comes to Google’s search results. Google confirms that they do not consider the use of structured data – or lack thereof – does…

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  • Why Your Website Needs Proper Structured Data

    … Structured Data has long been given emphasis by Google as a crucial part in crawling web pages. It is an important element of search engine optimization which we can’t just ignore. As marketers, you’re likely aware of the basic elements of search engine optimization like Meta descriptions, headings, and title tagging. However, not all of us…

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  • Ask the Experts 5/20: Facebook Articles and Knowledge Graph for Brands

    … advantage of this feature and build a robust Knowledge Graph for your brand? There’s no guarantee that Google will make one for you, but there area some ways you can optimize your owned media to make the right information available. Here are a few quick steps to get started: Use markup to call out your phone number and URLs to official social media…

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