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  • Are Links Still a Powerful Ranking Factor? (New Study)

    You’ve seen the claims: “So Many New Ranking Factors!” “Content Quality is Everything!” “User Engagement is the New King!!” “Social Media Signals Rock!” “RankBrain has Taken Over All Ranking!” Puhleeze, spare me the nonsense! In today’s post, I’m going to share new data on links as a ranking factor. This report will demonstrate the continuing importance that links play in rankings.

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  • What Was the Impact of Google’s Second Mobile Update?

    … makes it noteworthy. The reason is that Google tests many different types of algorithms, and many of these are retired as not being effective. When Google has gained confidence in an algorithm, they take steps to tweak and enhance that algorithm, often many times. Google's continuation of mobile ranking updates shows mobile matters to Google.Click…

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  • RankBrain: A Study to Measure Its Impact

    … language of most users will always make sense, whether or not search engines exist. If you haven’t already (hopefully you have!), you can increase your emphasis on using truly natural language on your web pages. The real impacts of RankBrain are: An increase in overall search quality. An increase in Google’s confidence that they can use machine-learning algorithms within the core search algo, which has already likely led to more such projects being launched. …

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  • Which Is the Best Backlink Checker Tool? (Infographic)

    …How Good Are Backlink Tools at Finding Links? Recently we tested the three most popular backlink checking tools–Moz Open Site Explorer, Majestic, and ahrefs–to see how many links to a web page each actually showed. You can see the full study methodology and results in this post: Backlinking Tools May Not Be As Comprehensive As You Think…

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  • Here’s Why Turns 50: Eric & Mark’s Best Tips!

    … It has been quite the journey over our past 49 episodes of Here’s Why. We could not be happier to bring you a special, 50th edition episode. Mark and Eric look back and discuss tips and trends from the past year, as well as taking a look at Here’s Why’s past! The digital marketing landscape has and will continue to evolve in 2016 and you can…

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  • Mobilegeddon and the Future of SEO

    … We’re eight months into the Google mobile-friendly ranking update popularly known as “Mobilegeddon.” How much has changed? What is the future of mobile SEO? During his recent presentation to Boston-area marketers on “The Future of Digital Marketing and SEO,” Stone Temple Consulting CEO (and lead co-author of The Art of SEO) Eric Enge gave his…

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  • Backlinking Tools May Not Be as Comprehensive as You Think

    … Just how good are backlink tools such as Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO and ahrefs at identifying links to the pages of your site? That’s the question we set out to answer in this study, and for many of you, the answer may come as a shock! Bottom line is that they all fail to report on many links, even from very prominent sites. However…

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  • Do E-Commerce Sites Completely Mess Up Their SEO?

    … they get split across 10 pages. The reason we want to use SEO tags on these pages is that they can easily be seen by search engines as thin, poor quality, or duplicate content. The correct SEO tagging strategy will instruct search engines on how to view the various facets, and reduce the chances of that becoming a problem. Best Use of SEO Tags…

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  • The Definitive Guide to Google’s Rich Answers

    … this can benefit you. TL;DR The data for the study we published in February was pulled in December of 2014, while the data for this update was pulled in July. The total queries used was 855,243 queries, and both studies used the exact same set of queries. As a result, we have a strict apples to apples comparison. Here is the top line of the results…

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  • Google Still Loves Wikipedia (More Than It’s Own Properties)

    … In late July, we saw reports that Wikipedia had seen large drops in traffic. This led some to speculate that the drop was because Google is favoring its own properties more, at the expense of Wikipedia. In today’s post, I am going to reveal findings about Google’s results using four different snapshots of rankings data. Here is what the data…

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  • Maximizing Engagement on Google Plus

    … length for a G+ post is between 500 and 1000 characters. All in all, generating high levels of engagement on Google+ is about having a discussion oriented mentality. ************* Did you benefit from this study? We have tons more! See all our big data social media and SEO studies here. …

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