Studies & Tests

  • Featured Snippets: New Insights, New Opportunities

    …, you will get only ONE result (initially, at least). Knowing how to become that result will be critical to thriving in a voice-centric world. This is the fourth of our comprehensive studies on this topic. You can see the other three here: The first study we ever did showing data from December 2014 Our first guide showing how to earn featured…

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  • Rating the Smarts of the Digital Personal Assistants

    … for questions via Knowledge Panel’s and Featured Snippets. Structure of the Test We collected a set of 5,000 different questions that we wanted to ask each personal assistant and Google search. This is the same set of queries we used in the Google Home vs. Amazon Echo test linked to above. We asked each of the five contestants the same 5,000…

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  • Does Google Use Chrome to Discover New URLs for Crawling?

    … Many people assume that Google leverages all of its vast information resources in every way possible. For example, the great majority of people who think about it probably assume that Google uses their Chrome browser as a data source, and in particular, that they use it to discover new URLs for crawling. We decided to put that to the test…

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  • Google Indexing of Twitter Appears to Be Declining

    … accounts, across a wide range of follower counts and social authority. The other three studies we’ve published can be found here: Twitter indexing as of July 2014 Twitter indexing as of January 2015 Twitter indexing as of July 2015 (right after Google’s use of the Twitter firehose was launched) Overall Indexation Over Time The following chart…

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  • Shopping and Finance Apps: What Do People Care Most About?

    … We live in an increasingly mobile world. The June 2015 comScore US Mobile App report showed that 44% of all digital media time spent was being spent in smartphone apps. Note: that was a percentage of all digital media time, inclusive of time spent on desktop and tablets. If that number isn’t stunning enough, the 2016 comScore US Mobile App report…

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  • Are Links Still a Powerful Ranking Factor? (New Study)

    You’ve seen the claims: “So Many New Ranking Factors!” “Content Quality is Everything!” “User Engagement is the New King!!” “Social Media Signals Rock!” “RankBrain has Taken Over All Ranking!” Puhleeze, spare me the nonsense! In today’s post, I’m going to share new data on links as a ranking factor. This report will demonstrate the continuing importance that links play in rankings.

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  • What Was the Impact of Google’s Second Mobile Update?

    … makes it noteworthy. The reason is that Google tests many different types of algorithms, and many of these are retired as not being effective. When Google has gained confidence in an algorithm, they take steps to tweak and enhance that algorithm, often many times. Google's continuation of mobile ranking updates shows mobile matters to Google.Click…

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  • RankBrain: A Study to Measure Its Impact

    … algorithm to handle? At Stone Temple Consulting, we maintain a database of 1.4M query results as a result of the studies we have done on Google’s rich answers. As part of this, we keep a full snapshot of the results. As luck would have it, we took a snapshot in late June/early July just as Google began to roll out RankBrain (the “Baseline Set…

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