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    • 8 Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rates

      The term “open rate” is very familiar to veteran email marketers, and it’s no doubt even on newbies’ radar – after all, it’s one of the industry’s most-important metrics. Determining open rates is a pretty straightforward proposition. “Email service providers (ESPs) calculate the open rate by taking the number of people who open the email and dividing it by the number of emai ...

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  • 8 Email Subject Lines to Increase Your Open Rate

    … between 20% and 25%, these remain relative figures, as the longer the list, the harder it becomes to maintain a high open rate. Some time ago, in this blog, we published an article wherein we discussed 7 Tips to Make your Subscribers More Likely to Open Your Emails. This entailed tactics focused on “context”, that is, on everything that you…

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  • Can Resending an Email Improve Your Open Rates?

    …? Resending certain emails means you get to drive home your most important messages without creating a campaign from scratch. If you receive a similar open rate to when you sent the first time, you’ve almost doubled your open rate with minimal effort. With these steps in mind, you’re in good shape to resend effectively. Resending can be another…

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  • Email Subject Lines: Does Size Matter?

    … Email Subject Lines: Does Size Matter? December 24, 2014 - Posted by Chris Irby to Email Marketing Ever heard the expression correlation does not imply causation? If not, you need to start hanging out with more nerds. Basically, it means that just because two statistics happen to coincide with one another doesn’t mean one caused the other…

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  • What High-Level Publishers Want From An Email Pitch

    … major online publishers, including: Most want to see data from your content in the subject line More than half say they’ve blacklisted at least one person due to a bad email pitch this month alone More than 85% want raw data in a pitch The post What High-Level Publishers Want From An Email Pitch by @wonderwall7 appeared first on Search Engine Journal. …

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  • How to Stand Out in a Publisher’s Inbox

    … pitch simple, be concise, and send raw data whenever you can. Not surprisingly, more than 99% of publishers were against clickbait subject lines, and more than 75% prefer subject lines to be kept to fewer than 10 words. Publishers don’t want to see CAPS, emojis, or exclamation points, either. If you’re pitching a study, highlight key findings in your…

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  • Your Ultimate and Complete Email Send Checklist!

    … to the rescue once again! With businesses stating that they will increase the use of email marketing in 2014, it’s imperative to have a clear checklist to be followed before hitting SEND. So here’s an exhaustive one for you! The checklist walks you through the email delivery, email client compatibility, inbox previews, and open previews to ensure everything looks good and works right before you send! If you’d like, you can even download a print version to set on your desk next to you! © 2014 DK New Media. …

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  • Writing Effective Emails: What I Learned In The Newsroom

    … possible outcome from your campaigns requires putting your brand in front of your audience where they're most likely to engage. 41% of email opens now happen on mobile devices, beating out desktop and webmail clients by a very large margin. (CampaignMonitor) Your subject line is your headline. I don't know how many hours I spent tossing a tennis…

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