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    • Monday Catch-Up: Open Rates, Trust, Mistakes and Email Growth

      Happy Monday, marketers! Let’s get the workweek off to a great start with some recent email- marketing news. Here we go: Marketers sending fewer emails, but getting higher open rates A recent SendGrid study shows that while the number of emails being sent by marketers is declining, open rates are heading in the other direction.

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  • [Checklist] 7 Essential Elements of Email Design

    … to be the first things to stand out. Use these design elements consistently so your email contacts easily recognize your brand. Over time, they’ll recognize your email in the inbox and will be more likely to open it each time. Tip: Here’s how to use your logo and colors to brand your email like a pro. 4. Image Use an image that supports…

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  • Your Top 10 Email Marketing Questions of 2016

    … do I organize my contacts and use my list to target people? How do I create and use an autoresponder? How do I ask for email addresses? We answered these questions earlier this month during a Facebook Live broadcast. Check out the video below to find out what advice we gave small businesses and nonprofits for their top email marketing…

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  • 11 Surefire Secrets to Standout Subject Lines

    … It’s almost over. You’re so close to finishing your marketing email, but suddenly a brain freeze settles in and you can’t think of a dang thing to write for the subject line! You wonder if you’ll ever hit the Send button. We feel your pain. That’s why we’ve come up with these surefire techniques to overcome this particular writer’s block…

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  • 5 Email Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid + 1 Big Way to Boost Open-Rates

    … subject lines. We teamed up with Grammarly to poll their blog readers about their most-hated and most-loved subject lines. Here are their comments, insights and how you can craft a subject line that boosts open rates. The biggest subject line pet peeves Grammar errors “Bad grammar, which reflects ignorance to me. So then I tend to disregard…

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  • Monday Catch-up: Improve Open Rates and Write Better Subject Lines

    … proposition; use a CTA button; and be sure to A/B test. The impact of subject lines “It seems so simple. We’re all just trying to get someone to click (or tap) on our subject lines and take a quick look at an email. But so is everyone else,” writes Justin Megahan at Mixpanel. In a quest to answer one of email marketing’s fundamental questions – “why…

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  • How to Use Emojis in Your Email Campaigns

    … of their emails. Zumper uses emojis in the beginning and at the end of some of their subject lines to grab attention for their latest apartment listings. Tom at Weekly Coffee typically uses the same emojis at the beginning of his subject lines so his subscribers know it’s him right away. Testing is critical When it comes to using emojis, two…

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  • 4 Ways Email Marketers Can Avoid the “Summertime Blues”

    … Eddie Cochran was an early rock ‘n roller, not an email marketer. Nevertheless, as the weather heats up and consumers head to their favorite beaches, lakes, mountains or backyards, his immortal lyrics probably resonate with marketers worried about how well their messages are going to be received (or if they are going to be received at all) over…

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  • How to Write Your Email in 15 Minutes or Less

    … writing your email right away? Print your email content template, and follow the seven simple steps below to create an email in record time. 1. Fill out your header options Your email header includes three fields: a “From” name, a reply address, and a subject line. “From” name: Use a name your customers will recognize. This could be your business…

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  • Best Practices for Email Outreach to Influencers

    … grammar, and write a succinct and compelling pitch. This infographic from Online Course Report walks through every stat collected on outreach emails, what works, what doesn’t and what to absolutely avoid. This includes time of day, day of the week, subject lines, words to use, number of attempts, size of message, and more. One interesting stat that’s shared in this infographic is 1 big-time blogger tends to have the equivalent impact of 6 small-time bloggers Tweet This!. © 2015 DK New Media. …

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  • Want to Boost Your Open Rate? It’s All About the Subject Line

    … find their way to the spam folder. It’s easy to fall into the “Free!” or “Hurry!” trap when you’re incentivizing, but there are more creative ways to do it. For example, Warby-Parker’s “Uh-oh, Your Prescription is Expiring.” A/B Test. Make data your friend. Formulate two headlines for each recipient segment of your campaign (start with 10…

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