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    • 6 Ways to Get Your Subject Line Noticed

      The following blog post was written by Jomel Alos, Online PR Strategist for PureB2B and Spiralytics. PureB2B is a lead generation and data services provider that helps numerous B2B companies accelerate their technology sales process. Emails are a time-tested digital marketing strategy. Because of that, thousands of brands around the world send emails to reach their target audience.

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  • Monday Catch-Up: Open Rates, Trust, Mistakes and Email Growth

    … a Facebook or Twitter presence were seen as less trustworthy by 63 percent of consumers.” Mondays and Fridays most-likely days for subject-line mistakes A study by Boomerang of 250,000 campaigns sent by brands in 2016 that shows that mistakes in subject lines are most likely to occur in emails sent at the beginning and end of the week, reports Ayaz…

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  • [Checklist] 7 Essential Elements of Email Design

    … How confident are you in your email design? Do you know every email you send is perfectly designed to drive awareness and sales for your business? We’ll show you how it’s done in our free webinar: Design Your Email Template in 15 Minutes or Less. Join us on February 9th at 2 p.m. ET. Can’t attend live? Sign up anyway and we’ll email you…

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  • Your Top 10 Email Marketing Questions of 2016

    … At Constant Contact, we know the best way to create helpful email marketing resources for our customers is to listen to their questions. Fortunately, our customers aren’t shy. This year, they submitted 3,362 questions during our monthly webinars. Throughout the year, some themes kept coming up over and over again. Here’s a look at the top 10…

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  • 11 Surefire Secrets to Standout Subject Lines

    … It’s almost over. You’re so close to finishing your marketing email, but suddenly a brain freeze settles in and you can’t think of a dang thing to write for the subject line! You wonder if you’ll ever hit the Send button. We feel your pain. That’s why we’ve come up with these surefire techniques to overcome this particular writer’s block…

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  • 5 Email Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid + 1 Big Way to Boost Open-Rates

    … subject lines. We teamed up with Grammarly to poll their blog readers about their most-hated and most-loved subject lines. Here are their comments, insights and how you can craft a subject line that boosts open rates. The biggest subject line pet peeves Grammar errors “Bad grammar, which reflects ignorance to me. So then I tend to disregard…

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  • Monday Catch-up: Improve Open Rates and Write Better Subject Lines

    … make a difference. He adds that email campaigns that are targeted to and crafted for a smaller subset of your users will probably yield better results than “blast” campaigns. When language gets too casual “Brands may be tempted to adapt cultural language anomalies in their email marketing, but to do so also risks offending someone, sending…

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  • How to Use Emojis in Your Email Campaigns

    … of their emails. Zumper uses emojis in the beginning and at the end of some of their subject lines to grab attention for their latest apartment listings. Tom at Weekly Coffee typically uses the same emojis at the beginning of his subject lines so his subscribers know it’s him right away. Testing is critical When it comes to using emojis, two…

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  • 4 Ways Email Marketers Can Avoid the “Summertime Blues”

    … on a hand-held at poolside as it would have been if viewed on a desktop at the office. Having said that, you also need to ensure your wonderfully optimized email gets opened, which brings us to our next tip… Make your subject line count Your emails are always competing with other email, other forms of media, and work-related tasks for the recipient’s…

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  • How to Write Your Email in 15 Minutes or Less

    … logo and an image Putting your logo at the top of your message is another great way to reinforce that your message is coming from your business. Adding an eye-catching image that supports your message will also draw people in and persuade them to read on. Don’t go overboard — we found that messages with 1-3 images result in the highest engagement…

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  • Best Practices for Email Outreach to Influencers

    … Since we’re pitched by public relations professionals on a daily basis, we get to see the best and worst of email outreach pitches. We’ve shared before how to write an effective pitch and this infographic is a great follow up that encompasses the greater progress. The fact is that companies need to build awareness and authority for their brand…

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  • Want to Boost Your Open Rate? It’s All About the Subject Line

    … to the 55+ female crowd. Once you divide your email list into different target audiences, formulate headlines that cater to each group’s particular interests. Keep it short—and sweet. While the (scientifically-driven) jury is still out on ideal subject line length, generally under 50 characters is considered best practice, with the very sweet…

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