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  • 4 Fast Ways to Turn Your Social Followers Into Email Subscribers

    … does for his Email1K course. Everyone who signs up for the course is asked to refer two people. If they do, they get access to the exclusive community. Just another ingenious way of connecting social and email together. Run a limited-time contest Contests are one of the most effective ways to boost your email list on social when you have a time budget…

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  • Email Marketing 101: Determining the value of a subscriber

    … are purchasing subscriber lists or investing in enticements, such as e-books, webinars or whitepapers. You don’t need an MBA to know that to stay in business you need the revenue from those email addresses to be greater than what you paid to acquire them. Determining the value of an email subscriber is relatively straightforward, but slightly…

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  • 3 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Email List

    … There are a few reasons why consumers opt-in to an email list, but there are many reasons why you may eventually lose them — from address changes to spam complaints. In fact, distribution lists see an average turnover of up to 3% annually, so it’s essential that marketers use solid tactics to grow — and keep — their subscriber base. Here…

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  • Are the traditional benchmarks for CTRs still relevant? Yes and no

    … look like today? At first glance, the numbers are up, but do they look very different? Average open rates across all industries ranged from 13-20 percent or so in 2005. In 2015, open rates are almost all above 20 percent, according to a recent study by Mailchimp, but average CTR is is only about 3.5 percent, according to Mailgen. This is up just…

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  • The 5 Basic Steps of Starting to Build Your Email List

    … One of the easiest means of ensuring that your email deliverability remains in good standing – meaning your email makes it to the inbox, not the junk folder, is by having a safe and obvious methodology for collecting email addresses. Anything outside of an opt-in form that obviously communicates the offering and sets expectations…

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