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  • 4 Fast Ways to Turn Your Social Followers Into Email Subscribers

    … Social and email: the ultimate power couple. Each on their own can yield fantastic results. But when you put them together? That’s when the magic happens. Social can boost your click-through rates up to 158%, and social sharing can increase your reach by 24%. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Anyone can achieve amazing results with social…

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  • Email Marketing 101: Determining the value of a subscriber

    … Hola Marketers. Today’s edition of Email Marketing 101 is here to school you on how to determine subscriber value. Have at it … It’s a question often on the minds of email marketers: “How do I know how much a subscriber is worth?” Being able to answer that question is critical, because acquiring subscribers usually comes at a cost, whether you…

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  • 3 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Email List

    … There are a few reasons why consumers opt-in to an email list, but there are many reasons why you may eventually lose them — from address changes to spam complaints. In fact, distribution lists see an average turnover of up to 3% annually, so it’s essential that marketers use solid tactics to grow — and keep — their subscriber base. Here…

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  • Are the traditional benchmarks for CTRs still relevant? Yes and no

    … They say those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But not all history is created equal and not every view of history is the same. But how does this relate to understanding success in email marketing? There is a long list of reasons why it’s very smart for businesses to invest in email marketing for their products…

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  • The 5 Basic Steps of Starting to Build Your Email List

    … on the subscriptions (expressed vs implied permission) can impact the likelihood that a recipient might click the SPAM button. And when they do, it can impact your ability to get emails to the inbox of all of your other subscribers. It may seem like building an opt-in list from scratch is the most dunting task every, but it’s absolutely necessary. When you build…

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  • Email Marketing: Taking advantage of responsive design [Video]

    If your experience is anything like the typical email marketer in 2014, a growing portion (possibly a very large percentage) of your list is opening email on a mobile device — maybe a tablet or, more likely, one of the many smartphones out there. To fully reach and engage that audience, you can either design and build custom emails for every single platform your audience is ...

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