• YouTube Adds ‘On the Rise’ Section to Trending Tab

      YouTube added an “On the Rise” section to its Trending tab for U.S. users. Product marketing manager Jon Youshaei said in a blog post that it will highlight four different creators with at least 1,000 subscribers each week, featuring them on its Trending tab with Creator on the Rise badges or, for musical artists, Artist on the Rise.

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  • Branded Content & Online Video: Top Takeaways from Three Industry Leaders

    … block out the sun.” Erin Wayne adds that “the average YouTube channel, a very successful one, will get about 5% of their subscribers-to-view ratio.” Any higher is incredible and uncommon. It’s a good metric to look for because a seemingly smaller channel could be in the 5% or more category vs. a much larger channel that is actually dormant. Whether…

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  • Top 5 Most Influential Female Saudi Arabia Creators on YouTube

    … Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has truly become a vehicle for creators from all over the world to publish engaging, entertaining, and informative content, express their opinions, and reach an audience that can stretch far beyond national borders. In particular, across the Middle East and North Africa, video content uploaded by female-led…

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  • A Day in The Life Of: Head of Programming at Viral Media Sensation Jukin Media

    … If you’ve ever searched YouTube for fail videos or cute animal compilations, chances are you’ve landed on a channel owned by Jukin Media. The viral video brand searches the web for user-generated content (UGC) on the brink of virality, purchases the rights, and then works with brands to license the content. Jukin also compiles these user…

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  • 4 Social Strategies to Get Ready for the Holidays

    … such programs on social media helps marketers to spread the word and make sure that their most loyal customers are aware of these special incentives. Increase subscribers The holidays are a great time to increase subscribers to a brand’s social media account. To further incentivize customers to follow certain brands and products, marketers should extend…

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  • The NBA is Crushing Other Sports Brands on Social Video

    … their thumbnail right from the initial upload. If the NBA had waited to create a custom thumbnail, it would have already missed out on the spike in interest right after a game had ended. To see an example, do a YouTube search for “Top 5 Plays of the Night: NBA Finals Game 5.” The NBA also used playlists to help viewers navigate through its content as well…

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  • 100 Years Later: The Kingdom of the Subscriber

    … This is an advertisement from May 1916 edition of Popular Mechanics from AT&T speaking to potential telephone subscribers. I often wonder how difficult it was to overcome the fear and trepidation such technology must have caused at the time. I also wonder how it compares to social media adoption and the Internet today. History almost…

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  • Millennials Ensure 46% of Video is Consumed Via Mobile [Report]

    … According to the latest report from Ooyala, 46% of all video plays in Q4 2015 were on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. In fact, tablet and smartphone video consumption grew 35% in the past year and have grown 170% since 2013. So, video marketers might assume that mobile devices are driving the trends in the digital video marketing…

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  • Late Night Television's Takeover of YouTube

    … The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon’s show has accumulated over 4.4 billion views to date and of the 8 channels I looked into for what I would consider Late Night, they combine for over 28 million subscribers. While their combined total pales in comparison to PewDiePie, who has the most subscribed to channel on YouTube, it’s their recent view counts and ability…

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  • 4 Strategies to Convert New Visitors into Returning Ones

    … user experience and content quality – but some of the strategies that we’re deploying are far more elementary and easier to implement: Email Subscriptions – We aggressively promote our newsletter to first time visitors. That’s led to continued growth of our email program. Using AppSumo’s SumoMe Welcome Mat, we add between 25 and 40 subscribers…

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  • The Indisputable Value of Building a Community Around Video Content

    … exists on the site and then curating and highlighting those talented creators. Part of the premium content that YouTube Red is already leveraging is the music catalog, which is a “free” benefit of having YouTube Red. Subscribers also get access to the full catalog of Google Play Music. YouTube’s music catalog includes videos from their partnership…

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  • Survival Guide: What to Do When Your Blog Starts to Die

    … It’s a horrifying thought, isn’t it? All those hours spent writing blog posts, emailing subscribers and developing your blogging skills only to see your site start to die. So what do you do? Unfortunately this is a really common event and can happen to any blog in any niche. It might be Google penalty or maybe the topic of your blog…

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  • PewDiePie: YouTube Channel Review - Through the 'Reel' Wringer

    … games, they’re simply a person playing and commenting on a game. PewDiePie wasn’t the first to do this, nor is he the last, but it’s his personality that makes him stand out. As you’ll see by his top content, PewDiePie’s videos tend to be comedic in nature which is a lame way of saying they’re funny. He’s played through a number of popular…

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