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  • Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Using Copyrighted Music On YouTube

    … of the music claim my videos on YouTube? Generally the answer should be, no. If you have a license to use music, that license should continue indefinitely on existing uploads but music subscription services terminate your access to using the music going forward. But the reality is that most music subscription services don’t have the capacity…

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  • YouTube: Mobile Watch Time, Programmatic Ad Revenue on Increase

    … on to confirm that 6 of Google's current products - Android, search, Chrome, Maps, Play, and YouTube, have over 1 billion users each. So, Google has six products with more than 1 billion users globally?!? And the newest one is Google Play!?! We’ve looked at how YouTube videos dominate Google universal search results, but I don’t think we’ve examined how…

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  • Why YouTube Red is a Step In the Right Direction for Online Video

    … If you had asked me five years ago to pay for YouTube service, I wouldn’t have done it. I’m sure there is a video of me somewhere in which I say that I’ll never pay for a YouTube rental or subscription and “might” pay a dollar or two for the service if it included every channel. That sounds like something I probably would have said…

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  • Is YouTube Way Too Late to the Game with Music Key?

    … I’ve been avoiding covering YouTube’s Music Key service. Quite honestly I find it a non-story because YouTube is late to the game. Way too late. This service should have been available years ago. But now that artists are starting to take a stand for and against streaming music, I simply have to talk about this subject because streaming music…

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  • TV Everywhere Video Ad Views Increase by 368% in Q3 2014

    … Viewers are becoming increasingly receptive to digital video advertising, particularly behind authenticated, or TV Everywhere, content, and also on mobile devices. As more and more broadcasters publish video content behind a paywall, 46% of long-form and live video ad views now come from users signed up to a TV subscription service, an increase…

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  • It's Official: 50% of YouTube Traffic Now Comes from Mobile

    … important for every business right now”. A New YouTube Video Subscription Service? YouTube has struggled with providing subscription options to users in the past but in the same discussion, Wojcicki strongly hinted that it was considering a new feature which would provide ad-free content to subscribers. YouTube right now is ad-supported, which…

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