Success Mindset

  • Top 10 Books on Success Mindset Every Solopreneur Should Read

    … of functioning as a sound individual. However, there is one thing that remains the single biggest factor in determining whether or not you are going to be a success as an entrepreneur. It’s your mindset. Your inner game. Can you go past your fear and get out of your comfort zone? Can you focus on one thing, stop chasing shiny objects and get rid…

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  • 7 Success Lessons I learned from my children

    … Remember when you were a kid, you thought that you can do everything, you were superman and you were full of dreams? It is amazing how we are born with natural instincts to success. Today’s post is from Adriano Leszkowicz my business partner. He has 3 amazing kids, and he wants to talk about: 7 lessons of success that I learned from my…

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  • The Only 2 Things That You Need To Do To Succeed

    … When you know what you are doing, success is very simple. Actually, there are only 2 things that you need to do, and if you do them, your success is truly imminent. I am going to tell you these 2 things in this post. #1: Do whatever is needed to be done Just decide that you are going to do whatever you need to do in order to achieve your goal…

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