Successful Social Media Campaigns

  • Shareology! An Interview with Bryan Kramer

    … it a day. Some of the fundamentals of marketing, which marketers already know, but a lot of people still don’t do, and we get all these emails all the time. And we get spammed all the time, which is ridiculous. And they could easily segment us into smaller groups and have messages that really resonate with us. And feed us content that really matters…

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  • The role of mutual friends in a network

    …+ in particular? Well, 'who' is in your circles/network can determine my experience too, if I have connect with you. In essence, people can contact you more easily (e.g. a notification via extended circles on G+) the closer the person 'is' to you. So instead of accepting everyone, there is a social responsibility aspect here too. (More on this and extended circles if you want to geek out here.) The post The role of mutual friends in a network appeared first on Plus Your Business. …

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  • 10 Ways To Increase Retail Store Sales with Instagram

    … Instagram can help you build and expand your brick and mortar business! Seriously, you can use the power of Instagram to increase sales in your physical store or space like I did in my retail business. Let’s talk about how I figured this out, how you can do it, and a few success stories we can emulate or learn from. SueB.Do is a product line…

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