Suicide Hotline

A crisis hotline is a phone number people can call to get immediate emergency telephone counseling, usually by trained volunteers. Such hotlines have existed in most major cities of the United States at least since the mid-1970s. Initially set up to help those contemplating suicide, many have expanded their mandate to deal more generally with emotional crises. Similar hotlines operate to help people in other circumstances, including, but not limited to, rape victims, bullying victims, runaway children, human trafficking victims, and people who identify as LGBT, or intersex.
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  • Less Visibility For Emergency Queries in Google Answer Boxes

    …, for results that you would think actually need an answer box, I’m not finding the information displaying and it’s unsettling to me. Let’s take a look. Here’s an example for the query “call suicide hotline” As you can see, no answer box is being displayed. Granted, when you search the query “suicide hotline” you will see the result below. I find…

    Samuel Edwards/ The SEM Postin Google- 10 readers -
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