Sunrise Premium

  • Businesses call on regulators to stop .sucks “extortion”

    … ICANN’s Business Constituency wants US and Canadian regulators to intervene to prevent Vox Populi Registry, which runs .sucks, “extorting” businesses with its high sunrise fees. The BC wrote to ICANN, the US Federal Trade Commission and the Canadian Office for Consumer Affairs on Friday, saying .sucks has employed “exploitive [sic] pricing…

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  • Has .sucks abandoned its Sunrise Premium program?

    … Vox Populi Registry has done away with the “Sunrise Premium” part of its .sucks launch strategy, if only in name. The pricing page of the company’s web site no longer makes any reference to Sunrise Premium, the controversial, trademark-heavy list of .sucks domains that would cost over $2,000 a year to register and renew. Instead, there are two…

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