• 5 Tech Companies Changing the Grocery Industry

      5 Tech Companies Changing the Grocery Industry January 22, 2018 by Stephanie Miles Leave a Comment Filed Under: Features Compared to retail categories like apparel and electronics, the grocery industry has been slow to adapt to changing times. More than half of consumers never buy groceries online, a statistic that says less about consumer demand than it says about the state of the industry.

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  • Can supermarkets save the mall?

    … We’ve discussed the decline of the American mall many times before. Thanks to all in one retailers like Wal-Mart and giant online sites like Amazon, mall after mall have been shutting their mirrored doors in the wake of these giant merchants. It almost seems like the only use for malls anymore are for YouTubers to explore dead malls. Now…

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  • How Badly Do Consumers Really Want Grocery Delivery?

    … streets of old. Like other grocers, Wegmans is experimenting with curbside pickup, but only at two outlets at this point. Other supermarkets, including H-E-B offer programs like Cooking Connection featuring in-store chefs. Another chain, Giant Eagle, offers wine tastings. Offering fun in-store experiences isn’t merely a desperate tactic to woo…

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  • Customer journey from search to landing page: UK supermarkets

    …. In fact, Google has decreed this search term as particularly ‘lucrative’ because it has served four PPC ads here, as it stated it would since the removal of Right Hand Side Ads. Now that the paid search space completely dominates the fold here, is there any point in supermarkets bothering to rank organically for this or similar search terms using SEO or content marketing? Probably not. Better get your cheque book out then supermarkets. …

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  • Instagram Tops 200,000 Advertisers

    … will take actions after viewing Instagram posts, including visiting websites, searching, shopping or sharing with friends. Instagram also shared some advertiser success stories in its blog post: In Germany, supermarket REWE ran ads on Instagram to show young mothers how to make simple meals using its products. The combination of tasty photos…

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