An oil tanker, also known as a petroleum tanker, is a merchant ship designed for the bulk transport of oil. There are two basic types of oil tankers: the crude tanker and the product tanker. Crude tankers move large quantities of unrefined crude oil from its point of extraction to refineries. Product tankers, generally much smaller, are designed to move refined products from refineries to points near consuming markets.Oil tankers are often classified by their size as well as their occupation. The size classes range from inland or coastal tankers of a few thousand metric tons of deadweight (DWT) to the mammoth ultra large crude carriers (ULCCs) of 550,000 DWT.
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  • Digital Dojo: 9 Infographics Worth Checking Out

    … the Knock Nevis Supertanker, a ship that not only sounds like something that would go to war with the Power Rangers, but cost $780 Million in 2003, which is the same as 483,427,128 pounds for our friends in England. Perhaps the most impressive part of this infographic is that there are 28 vehicles featured, all including interesting, in-depth information…

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