Survey Questions

  • Get the Most Out of Your ORM With this Tool

    … approach gives your customers incentive in answering your survey. Not only will the survey make them feel valued, it’s also a single question survey and takes 3 or more seconds to complete. A follow-up question is possible and it could be done with a separate e-mail. It’s that simple. 1 or 2 questions is enough to garner you actionable data which…

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  • How to Decide What Types of Questions to Use in Your Surveys

    … Crafting the perfect survey question isn’t just about what you ask; it’s also about how you ask the question. The types of questions you decide to use can have a major impact on the insight you’re able to gather, and could be the difference between an online survey that helps you make a more informed business decision and one that leaves you…

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  • 6 Critical Mistakes that Could Ruin Your Survey Results

    … questions, but really need a better way to confirm your ideas. This is one example of how conducting a survey can help. With an online survey tool, you can easily create a series of questions to provide the insights you need. You can then promote your survey out to your audience — using channels like email and social media, and capture your participants…

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