Sylvain Dufour

  • 7 Steps for Localizing Your Mobile Apps

    …, Italian, German and Spanish. If they need help translating their text, Dufour said developers can hire native-speaking freelancers on a platform like Upwork to receive properly translated materials, which take into account specific cultural rules and the style of language which would be appropriate for the product (for instance, formal or informal…

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  • FotoSwipe Photo-Sharing App Launches on iOS, Android

    … to send images from one mobile user to the next. With an onslaught of apps that offer multiple services, today’s platforms are becoming increasingly complex and we recognized a need for simplicity. We’ve all faced the same difficulty of sending and receiving large quantities of images over text and email. Simply put, FotoSwipe eliminates that problem with an innovative and speedy solution that makes photo-sharing fun, instead of a labor intensive chore. FotoSwipe is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. …

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