Symbiosis (from Ancient Greek σύν "together" and βίωσις "living") is close and often long-term interaction between two or more different biological species. In 1877, Albert Bernhard Frank used the word symbiosis (which previously had been used to depict people living together in community) to describe the mutualistic relationship in lichens. In 1879, the German mycologist Heinrich Anton de Bary defined it as "the living together of unlike organisms."The definition of symbiosis is controversial among scientists. Some believe symbiosis should only refer to persistent mutualisms, while others believe it should apply to any types of persistent biological interactions (i.e.
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  • The Rise of the Content-Driven Organization: A Change in Marketers’ Focus

    … and content-driven organizations. Of course, a purely economical view (such as marginal utility theory, or that the consumer acts entirely rationally) is also falsified. Irrational consumer behavior, as cited in Dan Ariely’s book, Predictably Irrational, is to be expected. And, as marketers, we must equip ourselves to deal with this. Content enables…

    Andy Betts/ Relevancein Content- 38 readers -
  • What’s Your Marketing Success Metric?

    …’ success? For a company to succeed, all departments need to be working together: marketing generates leads and awareness, sales generates booked revenue, while operations delivers the service or product. This symbiotic relationship works because each team is dependent on the others to keep the flywheel spinning. But does the same symbiotic…

    Benny Blum/ Marketing Land- 27 readers -
  • Will 2015 Be Breakthrough Year for Community News?

    …-locally sold ad inventory through programmatic buying, and the need to streamline the local-media industry for major buyers (think Honda and P&G) to buy brand-safe, viewable inventory with upscale audiences at huge scale. This not only builds revenue on the programmatic side, it also creates upward pressure on rate and forces local sales teams…

    Tom Grubisich/ Street Fightin Display Mobile- 19 readers -
  • One-Man/Woman Army: 6 PPC Tips for Entrepreneurs & Very Small Businesses

    … Moz, SEMrush, and Raven Tools can’t benefit you. While PPC doesn’t influence organic page rank, the additional traffic and branding turns the two campaign types into symbiotic partners rather than cannibalizing money/time. Having these tools at your disposal will give you a far more objective view into the overall success of your online presence…

    WordStreamin Paid Search- 23 readers -
  • Big data and small business: The future of marketing?

    … powerful symbiotic link with the customer that would be difficult for competitors to overcome during the next contract negotiation. Some of these ideas might seem so obvious. But the problem is — for many businesses — they’re not. They are overlooking their true core business. More and more, the competitive advantage will come from the numbers. How do…

    {grow}- 10 readers -
  • The Importance of Setting Goals in Life

    … Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Such a cliche. You have surely heard that question in a business setting or on a job interview… … and thought it was complete bullshit. How could I possibly know where I will be in 5 years? So much can happen over the course of time that a 5 year plan sounds useless, doesn’t it? Setting goals may…

    Jeff Sauer/ Depth of Knowledgein SEO- 8 readers -
  • Facebook Forms India Client Council

    … of marketing and communication services, Tata Motors Sam Balsara, chairman and managing director, Madison World Sachin Bansal, CEO, Flipkart Mohit Beotra, head of brand, Airtel Sonali Dhawan, director of marketing, south Asia, Procter & Gamble India Sujit Ganguli, head of corporate brand and communications group, ICICI Bank Ashish Kashyap…

    David Cohen/ AllFacebookin Social Facebook- 14 readers -
  • What Small Business Saturday Means for Your Business

    … is a financial force that continues to gain momentum. A grassroots movement, Small Business Saturday has become a cornerstone of local marketing as entire neighborhoods rally to show support for the small businesses in their area. From its inauspicious debut in 2010 to its recognition by the U.S. Senate in 2011, it is estimated that more than $5.5 billion…

    Jim Shannon/ Dex Media- 12 readers -
  • Five lessons for effective blogger outreach

    … offered monetary payment or a free product review remains unclear for many, with the data showing hugely mixed understandings of what constitutes payment. More than half (55%) of bloggers surveyed said the question of whether or not they would expect payment was dependent on the agency, company or blogging activity in question. Perhaps contrary…

    Econsultancyin Google- 4 readers -
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