A synecdoche (/sɪˈnɛkdəkiː/, si-NEK-də-kee; from Greek synekdoche (συνεκδοχή), meaning "simultaneous understanding") is a figure of speech in which a term for a part of something refers to the whole of something, or vice-versa. An example is referring to workers as hired hands.
Posts about Synecdoche
  • JCPenney goes tone deaf on breast cancer

    … worth saving. The cringe-worthy synecdoche — breasts as the shorthand for women as people — paired with the shoulder-gripping man in the background — makes the subtext decidedly retrograde. No one expects JCPenney to be a champion of feminism, but this ads puts JCPenney in further danger of cementing its identity as a brand with relevance for no one…

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