Sysomos Inc. is a Toronto-based social media analytics company.The company uses content of social media sites including blogs, forums and Twitter to create a real-time picture on how products, people, and brands are covered in those media sites. It is designed to analyze conversations, themes and identify key influencers.Company's flagship product, Media Analysis Platform (MAP), mines and analyzes content from social media or user-generated content.The company also offers Sysomos Heartbeat which provides social media monitoring and engagement capabilities to communication professionals, brand managers and customer support groups.
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    • Why social listening isn’t just for marketers anymore

      by David Berkowitz, chief strategy officer, Sysomos It’s time for social listening to escape the confines of marketing departments. While the responsibility for managing social listening should lie with marketing or research managers, the applications for it are increasingly broad. Here are some of the questions social searching and listening can answer, along with who can be ...

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