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Robert Paul "Tad" Williams (born 14 March 1957 in San Jose, California) is an American storyteller. He is the international bestselling fantasy and science fiction author of the multivolume Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series, Otherland series, and Shadowmarch series as well as the standalone novels Tailchaser's Song, The War of the Flowers, Caliban's Hour, and Child of an Ancient City. He is currently working on The Bobby Dollar Books. The first two books in the series are The Dirty Streets of Heaven and Happy Hour In Hell; the third book, Sleeping Late on Judgement Day, is scheduled for release in 2014.
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  • Are You a Technology Bubble Boy?

    … to better understand the arguments, but more importantly the passions driving difference of opinions. Ultimately, solutions will not come from everyone agreeing with me (dictators have been trying that for centuries with usually bloody outcomes), but in reaching a middle ground. How about you? How thick is your bubble? How often do you engage with other bubbles? I challenge you to try something new. Who knows, perhaps you’ll learn something. The post Are You a Technology Bubble Boy? appeared first on Daily Conversions. …

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