• Labor Issues Aren’t the Only Hazard in Uber’s Business Model

    … these Uber-for-X misfits will still win big with partnerships and buyouts to join the multi-vertical brands better suited to their industries. And in that way, Uber-for-X innovators of every stripe are doing a great service to the local tech space by bringing promising verticals into the on-demand space and the digital era. Manpreet Singh is Founder and President of TalkLocal, a local startup with apps on iPhone and Android which help consumers find and speak to high-quality local professionals in minutes. Follow him @MSinghCFA. …

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  • The Conscientious Consumer: A Disruption Opportunity in Local On-Demand

    …, and at minimal cost — even if they lose a few quality contractors in the process. Race-to-the-bottom pricing is just one trend in the local on-demand industry which disincentivizes contractors, Another equally insidious startup tendency is to ensure brand loyalty by prohibiting contractors from marketing their services to the platform users that hire…

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  • Lessons Learned From the Call Analytics Trenches

    … and Ipsos 2013 research. But more elucidating than hearing the personal dramas of people’s everyday lives is bearing witness to people connecting in a digital world that — based on conversations and business feedback — remains very unfamiliar territory. Here is what I’ve learned: 1. Apparently, the public has grossly over-estimated the ability…

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