The Tamar (/ˈteɪmɑr/; Cornish: Dowr Tamar) is a river in South West England, that forms most of the border between Devon (to the east) and Cornwall (to the west). The area is a World Heritage Site due to its historic mining activities. The Tamar's source is less than 6 km (3.7 mi) from the north Cornish coast, but it flows southward. At its mouth, the Tamar flows into the Hamoaze before entering Plymouth Sound. Tributaries of the river include the rivers Inny, Ottery, Kensey and Lynher (or St Germans River) on the Cornish side, and the Deer and Tavy on the Devon side.The name Tamar (or Tamare) was mentioned by Ptolemy in the second century in his Geographike Huphegesis.
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  • Search Predictions for 2017

    … 4 November 2016 | Asad Imam Search Predictions for 2017 SEO is an ever-changing ball game where the rules are changed over 500 times in a year by Google. While it is important to keep up with all the changes and try to abide by all the new rules, it is equally important to identify trends and plan in advance to stay ahead of the curve…

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  • Hard work lives on at Vuyani Primary School

    … Hard work lives on at Vuyani Primary School Sarah Graveling Creative Director 21 January 2016 Tweet There are many things that we are proud of at Tamar, but one of our biggest achievements has to be the difference we made to a very special school in Gugulethu, Cape Town. It’s hard to believe that it was nearly 9 years ago that we all flew…

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  • Tamar’s 12 Week Internship Programme

    … who has a strong digital know-how, who has a few online tactics and creative ideas up their sleeve that can help us build and strengthen all our accounts. Content: Writing & Research Are you the one drilling everyone about their grammar? Are you always reading books/ Interested in many things? At Tamar, everything we develop for our clients…

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  • Tamar’s Top 10 Blog Posts from 2015

    … slow to react to the publicity. 7. TWENTY MEMORIES OF TWENTY YEARS As we celebrated Tamar’s 20th birthday, Sarah looked back over the years to some of the most memorable and fun moments there have been, including a few awkward ones from the Tamar dogs! 6. THE BLOGGER’S GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK September saw some of our most popular posts…

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  • Dogs Of Digital

    …, Popularity: 10/10 Total: 37/40 Doug is the most famous Pug on Instagram, and we can see why. Every photo of Doug is different. We love how all of his costumes are so different. But most of all we love how fun he is, we love his TV recreation videos. Dogs Of Digital is a post from: Tamar SEO and Social Blog …

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  • Rugby World Cup 2015: What was the result?

    … Rugby World Cup 2015: What was the result? Billy Leonard 3 November 2015 Tweet Tamar Towers is in Chiswick, West London, just a stone’s throw away from the spiritual home of rugby – Twickenham. So at the start of the Rugby World Cup 2015, we couldn’t help but get involved in the excitement. Being search specialists, we decided to look…

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  • Take home tips from BE A Better Blogger

    … Take home tips from BE A Better Blogger Billy Leonard 16 September 2015 Tweet In case you missed us talking about it, we held our BE A Better Blogger event last night. We like to think it was wildly successful, but we might be a bit biased. A big thank you to everyone who came down! But if you couldn’t make the event last night, here’s…

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  • Tamar Commended: Digital Agency of the Year 2015

    … Tamar Commended: Digital Agency of the Year 2015 Sarah Graveling Creative Director 16 September 2015 Tweet Yesterday was a pretty big day for us here at Tamar. After our successful Social Media Week event, ‘Be a Better Blogger’ we headed across town to the third annual awards ceremony for the Online Retail Awards, where we had a handful…

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  • The Blogger’s Guide to Social Media Week

    … the Wrong Story, And Why That Matters Tamar recommends: Data based decisions should apply to even small blogs. Look at how you can use raw data to get to actionable insights. 9:30 – 10:00 The National Gallery, WC2N 5DN The Evolution of Influencers Tamar recommends: Now bloggers are relevant and lots of brands want to work with them, but also what’s…

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  • The Tamar Times – July

    July has been super busy here at Tamar HQ, with most of us heads down focussed on our clients – well, those of us not swanning-off on holiday anyway! But there’s still been time for a few favourite bits… WE LEARNT Ever posted a joke on Twitter pretending it was your own? Read the blog: Twitter Joke Plagiarism Do you know what happened recently on Search Metrics and Panda 4.

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  • The Tamar Times: June

    … The Tamar Times is out and it’s HOT! WE CELEBRATED… Twenty years has seen many interesting characters walk through the doors at Tamar HQ. So what better way to celebrate the milestone, than a bit of reminiscing to remind ourselves and Tamar friends about some of the good times. Yes, a lot of them involved booze, and shaving and lunging… but we…

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  • Twenty Memories of Twenty Years

    … Twenty Memories of Twenty Years There have been awards, events, parties and successes, but one of the best parts of Tamar has always been the people, (the dogs), characters and the friendships made. So forgive us as we indulge in a few memories… 20. Henry’s Interview Just over 10 years ago Henry (yes 10 years!) came for his first interview…

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  • The Tamar Times: May

    … With May now firmly behind us (where the heck is this year going?!) it’s time to take a look back at what the Tamar team have been up to over the past month. May saw a number of exciting events, some new starters in the team and some big plans coming together for later in the year. June will see Tamar turning 20, so next month’s update is bound…

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  • BrandLove25 – Health & Nutrition

    … Whether you’re a full-time juicer or haven’t heard of a Nutribullet – you probably won’t have escaped the growing industry of healthy and tailored meal plans delivered to your door. We’re talking anything from the seasonal fresh food boxes for all the family from local suppliers, to tailored juice plans for individuals who require nutritional…

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