The Tamar (/ˈteɪmɑr/; Cornish: Dowr Tamar) is a river in South West England, that forms most of the border between Devon (to the east) and Cornwall (to the west). The area is a World Heritage Site due to its historic mining activities. The Tamar's source is less than 6 km (3.7 mi) from the north Cornish coast, but it flows southward. At its mouth, the Tamar flows into the Hamoaze before entering Plymouth Sound. Tributaries of the river include the rivers Inny, Ottery, Kensey and Lynher (or St Germans River) on the Cornish side, and the Deer and Tavy on the Devon side.The name Tamar (or Tamare) was mentioned by Ptolemy in the second century in his Geographike Huphegesis.
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