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    • The Advantages of Building a User Persona

      It is extremely important for businesses to connect to their audience when creating an online presence. The creation of a user persona will do just that for your business. If a business just guesses on who their audience is and what their audience wants to hear, they may be completely off-base and lose some customers as a result.

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  • Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads: Targeting

    … Audiences enable you to target current customers on Facebook or even lookalikes of your current customers by uploading a list of customer email addresses, app IDs, or other identifiers. Retargeting people on Facebook who have previously visited your site is now called Custom Audiences from your Website. Connections enable you to target…

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  • 4 Lessons learned from super niche marketing

    … the other platforms combined. Truth is some online markets are just better suited for your product, and selling everywhere for the sake of being everywhere can cannibalize your sales. Lesson: going exclusive with a platform is always an option, especially if that’s where your niche audience ‘hangs out’. Of course it’s more risky, but if you gain…

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  • 3 Ways to Target the Right Online Audience

    … that appear in everyone’s mailbox. Those methods throw out a wide net and hope to catch a good number of the right people. The Internet has billions of users – trying to throw out a huge net and hope for the best just doesn’t work. Effective online marketing means having a smaller net thrown out in the right places – places where target audience…

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  • Determining Your Target Audience and Delivering What They Want

    … a gift, but it would likely get so-so results. When my friend opens the package and sees an ordinary brown wooden picture frame, she’ll be appreciative, but will also likely be a little disappointed. The gift, after all, wouldn’t be very personal. This is what happens when marketing of any type (copywriting, content funnels, lead generation…

    Karon Thackston/ Marketing Words Blog- 10 readers -
  • How to Use Quora to Create Quality Blog Content

    … Quora has become the premiere online Q&A site. Its feature-rich functions allow users to ask questions targeted to industry leaders or answer those to increase your reputation. The ability to upvote great answers, downvote those that you don’t agree with, and share questions and answers on social media to boost engagement make Quora even…

  • 2 Powerful Strategies You As A Blogger Desperately Need

    … that will blow people away. That’s a heck of a lot of pressure wouldn’t you agree? What’s happening though is that we’re veering away from actually speaking to our target audience and helping them with their issues. More and more people are starting to write for the masses, the big guns, the influencers and the authority bloggers instead…

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