Target Audience

  • The Advantages of Building a User Persona

    … It is extremely important for businesses to connect to their audience when creating an online presence. The creation of a user persona will do just that for your business. If a business just guesses on who their audience is and what their audience wants to hear, they may be completely off-base and lose some customers as a result. This can result…

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  • Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads: Targeting

    … Audiences enable you to target current customers on Facebook or even lookalikes of your current customers by uploading a list of customer email addresses, app IDs, or other identifiers. Retargeting people on Facebook who have previously visited your site is now called Custom Audiences from your Website. Connections enable you to target…

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  • 4 Lessons learned from super niche marketing

    … market places, I’d be a centaur by now. Sure, there is Smashwords, Kobo, and iBooks, but the truth is—Amazon is not only the biggest book market on the planet, it’s also the best one for selling science fiction. Even indie millionaire authors like Hugh Howey focus on Amazon exclusively because that’s where he’s selling more fiction than on all…

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  • How to Speak Directly To Your Ideal Client (Avatar) In Every Post

    Do you know exactly who your target audience is? Do you know where they live, and where they hang out? What they like and dislike? You may have heard that it’s important to speak directly to your ideal client or customer (your avatar) in your emails and your social media posts and blog posts… But it’s hard to do that effectively unless you really feel like you know that person on an intimate.

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  • 3 Ways to Target the Right Online Audience

    … that appear in everyone’s mailbox. Those methods throw out a wide net and hope to catch a good number of the right people. The Internet has billions of users – trying to throw out a huge net and hope for the best just doesn’t work. Effective online marketing means having a smaller net thrown out in the right places – places where target audience…

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  • Determining Your Target Audience and Delivering What They Want

    … databases, sales records and Google Analytics reports. Go Psycho About Your Customers Once you have a basic profile, it’s time to delve deeper into the types of people you have as customers. That means using psychographics. This is the behavioral aspect of your target customers that involves searching for motivations and behavioral clues. Why do…

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  • Podcasting: Because Your Audience Wants To Hear From You

    … in those spaces! For example, you can publish and syndicate a podcast with Squarespace by using their audio block within blog posts. For your standalone html site, you can also simply cut-and-past plain-old HTML to get your audio properly embedded for sharing with your audiences. How to create With so much freely available information on how…

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  • How to Use Quora to Create Quality Blog Content

    … compiled their answers, you can either compile all the best answer in your blog post or publish a specific answer straight to your blog (if the answer is that good). Final thoughts: Harnessing the content found in Quora can help simplify and cut down your research time and focus on writing compelling content for your blog. Following the tips above, you are sure to create more compelling blog posts that will interest your target audience and drive more traffic to your blog. …

  • 2 Powerful Strategies You As A Blogger Desperately Need

    Who doesn’t love blogging? Who doesn’t want to improve upon what they’re already doing or learn something that might help them move forward! Whichever might be the case for you, we are happy you’re here. Sherryl was so kind to extend an invitation to be her guest so I thought I would share some very powerful strategies with you that have really benefited me.

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