Tcl (originally from Tool Command Language, but conventionally spelled "Tcl" rather than "TCL"; pronounced as "tickle" or "tee-see-ell") is a scripting language created by John Ousterhout. Originally "born out of frustration", according to the author, with programmers devising their own languages intended to be embedded into applications, Tcl gained acceptance on its own. It is commonly used for rapid prototyping, scripted applications, GUIs and testing. Tcl is used on embedded systems platforms, both in its full form and in several other small-footprint versions.The combination of Tcl and the Tk GUI toolkit is referred to as Tcl/Tk.
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  • hping3

    … Posted on August 19, 2007 hping is a free packet generator and analyzer for the TCP/IP protocol distributed by Salvatore Sanfilippo (also known as Antirez). It is one of the de facto tools for security auditing and testing of and networks, and was used to exploit the idle scan scanning technique (also invented by the hping author), and now… 4 readers -
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