tcsh (/ˌtiːˈsiːʃɛl/ "tee-cee-shell", /ˈtiːʃɛl/ "tee-shell", or as an initialism "tee cee ess aitch") is a Unix shell based on and compatible with the C shell (csh). It is essentially the C shell with programmable command line completion, command-line editing, and a few other features.
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  • Linux Shell

    … of the original Bourne shell program ( sh ) which written by Steve Bourne acts as the shell program. There are another additional shell programs available on a typical Linux system. These include: ksh, tcsh and zsh. What is an xterm, konsole and gnome-terminal? These are called ( Terminal emulators ). They are programs that put a window up and let you work… 9 readers -
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