Team Building

    • Being a Better Leader – Key Takeaways From LEAD 2017

      February 14, 2017 Last week I had the opportunity to go to LEAD 2017 to learn about leadership from a number of talented speakers. LEAD, short for Leadership Excellence and Development, is a two-day event focused on equipping individuals with the ability to be better leaders in the world today. From this experience I learned about not only leading others, but also how to be ...

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  • [Live Event] Building Teams To Create Freedom In Your Life

    … was telling me how he feels unfulfilled in his life… How he’s working 65 hours a week at a job he doesn’t enjoy. How, because of his level of stress and unhappiness, his health is starting to suffer. How he envies me and others that have freedom in their lives and the time to be with their families and do the things they enjoy in life. He said he…

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  • Why Mindset Matters

    … Mindset… it is the one thing we find that differentiates successful business leaders from those who can never seem to climb that mountain. We work with organizations of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 organizations. Mindset is something good leaders have learned to master for the benefit of themselves, their teams and their business…

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