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East London Tech City (also known as Tech City or Silicon Roundabout) is a technology cluster located in Central and East London, United Kingdom. It broadly occupies the part of London's East End between Old Street (the boundary of Central and East London) and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, with its locus in the Shoreditch area. It is the third-largest technology startup cluster in the world after San Francisco and New York City.Development of the cluster has been encouraged by both local and national government, with the goal of creating a cluster comparable to Silicon Valley in the United States.
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  • Could You Take a Week Off From Your Smartphone?

    … and it allows for creative thinking or daydreaming. Whereas now when I even sense I might be bored, I play Two Dots like it’s nobody’s business. Are you so hooked to your phone that you can’t take a picture for a whole day? I think I do that sometimes anyway. Randomly scrolling through Instagram feeds I’ve seen a million times? Now that would be a challenge. Not scrolling through Instagram while walking down the street? That’s going to be torture. …

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  • Starcom MediaVest plays startup matchmaker

    … of different sectors.” It’s not just agencies that are in the startup matchmaking game. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, there will be organized tech tours put on by consulting groups like Medialink, which links many clients with emerging technologies. There’s also the idea that sussing out the best marketing and advertising…

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  • Brands, agencies and publishers agree: 2015 is the year of “Programmatic Branding”

    … This article was written by Martin Stockfleth Larsen, Chief Marketing Officer, Adform As the old joke goes, New York will be a great city — once it’s finished. The same could be said for ad tech. Once the demand and supply sides are sync’d, once the marketplaces are perfected and the publishers are on-board, once the metrics and reporting…

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  • Tech City News doubles down on video

    … Business-to-business publishers’ attempts in video often lack imagination — talking heads of business execs is usually about as exciting as it usually gets for illustrating business stories with video. But 2-year-old London-based Tech City News is putting video at the heart of its Web strategy and is turning to its reporters’ presenting…

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