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    • JavaScript and SEO: The Difference Between Crawling and Indexing

      As the web continues to evolve, there is increasing demand for websites to become ever more advanced and interactive. As a result, many developers choose to build websites using frameworks like React and Angular. This gives rise to the issue of how to optimise such sites for SEO. Basically, the question developers and SEOs ask is, can search engines like Google crawl JavaScri ...

      Barry Adams/ State of Digital- 25 readers -
    • 5 essential aspects of technical SEO you cannot neglect

      Eighty-eight percent of B2B marketers now report using content marketing in their promotional strategies, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Developing content and using SEO to drive rankings and traffic has become a fundamental part of digital strategies, not just for the thought leaders of the industry, but it has become standard across the spectrum.

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    • Ranking your local business at Google: part 1 of 8

      Previously, we published an interview with local SEO specialist David Mihm on our SEO blog. As a lot of you liked this interview, David and Yoast decided to join forces and publish a series of posts about Local SEO. In this series, David will go over the various aspects that contribute to your local rankings.

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  • Ranking your local business #3: Website optimization

    … This is the third post in an 8-part series on how to rank your business for local searches at Google. Previously, I’ve listed the most important aspects that influence your local ranking and discussed how to get the most of Google My Business. Here, I’ll focus on another essential asset for local SEO: optimizing your website for local search…

    David Mihm/ Yoastin SEO- 22 readers -
  • Ranking your local business at Google: part 2 of 8

    … customers find your shop! Optimize your site with our Local SEO plugin and show your opening hours, locations, map and much more! » Buy now » Info After starting its life as a rudimentary web form called the Local Business Center, Google My Business has matured into a highly sophisticated product over the last decade. In the last couple of years…

    David Mihm/ Yoastin Google- 17 readers -
  • Ask Yoast Case Study: SEO for a quality brand

    Within our Ask Yoast case studies we help clients with their SEO by reviewing the website and giving clear advice and hands-on tips. Those clients send us their website because they’re curious what improvements can be made to improve the overall rankings. This time, we reviewed the website of a high-quality sun protection brand: Calypso.

    Yoast- 12 readers -
  • Ask Yoast Case study: SEO for architects

    … In our Ask Yoast case studies we give SEO advice for websites in a specific market or industry. This time: the website of Slemish Design Studio Architects, the business site of an architect duo. The architects told us that they get great responses from their clients, but is their website optimized for search engines as well? We’ll dive…

    Yoastin SEO- 13 readers -
  • Moving your website to HTTPS / SSL: tips & tricks

    … lines to the file, check that the configuration is still valid by running service nginx configtest. If so, reload Nginx by running service nginx reload. Become a technical SEO expert with our Technical SEO 1 training! » $ 199€ 199 - Buy now » Info Strict Transport Security header The Strict Transport Security Header (HSTS) is another handy feature…

    Yoast- 15 readers -
  • Can we get any benefit from structuring a URL in a certain way?

    … There’s been a lot of debate over the years about how to structure URLs to obtain maximum SEO benefit, highlighting the following considerations: Should the target keyword be included in the URL? How many subfolders should be used? How should the keywords be placed? It’s a topic that our clients frequently ask about, so we […] The post Can we get any benefit from structuring a URL in a certain way? appeared first on Search Laboratory. …

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  • SEO for a new website: the very first things to do

    … will be your online competitors for these search terms? What can you do to stand out from these results? Read on: ‘Keyword research: the ultimate guide’ » And then: write, write, write Then you start writing. Write about all those topics that are important to your audience. Use the words you came up with in your keyword research. You need to have content…

    Marieke Van De Rakt/ Yoastin SEO- 20 readers -
  • Adding JSON-LD structured data with Google Tag Manager

    … You’ve probably heard us talk a lot about structured data, and JSON-LD. Schema structured data on your site can result in highlighted search results. In this article, we’ll show you how to implement structured data using the JSON-LD markup on the pages of your site. Here, we’ll take a closer look at how to implement…

    Yoastin Google- 20 readers -
  • New online SEO training: Structured data

    … If you want your search results to stand out from your competition’s, you’ll need rich snippets. You’ll want to pimp your results with 5 star reviews, stock information or location, for example. To get a rich snippet, you have to learn to implement structured data. Our latest SEO course will teach you exactly how to do just that! If you buy…

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  • SEO basics: What are rich snippets?

    … to help! As of tomorrow, Yoast offers an online training to teach you how to implement structured data so Google can show rich snippets. We’ll show you different strategies (from beginner to more advanced levels), so that everyone will be able to get started with structured data and get those rich snippets! Keep reading: ‘Structured data with the ultimate guide’ » …

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  • Ask Yoast: Use a 302 or 307 redirect?

    …! WordPress specialist Marcel Bootsman, also known as Nostromo on Twitter, has send the following question to Ask Yoast: Can you explain when to use a 302 or a 307 redirect when temporarily redirecting a URL? Watch the video or read the transcript further down the page! Become a technical SEO expert with our Technical SEO 1 training! » $ 199€ 199…

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  • Coming soon: Structured data training!

    … Do you want to increase chances people click on your page in the search results? Want to learn how to get those awesome rich snippets? Next week, we’ll launch our Structured data training. In this new training, you’ll learn how structured data can influence the appearance of your pages in the search results. After completing this course, you’ll…

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  • How to Run Live ‘Site Reviews’ at Events (and Why You Should)

    … Site review at Cardiff SEO Meet I’ve been running a quarterly SEO meetup (Cardiff SEO Meet) since May 2016. Early on, I had the idea of running live ‘site reviews’ alongside talks, where we (the audience) would audit a website together, live on the night. We ran our first one at our second event (August 2016), which I was fortunate enough…

    State of Digitalin SEO How To's- 20 readers -
  • What is an XML sitemap and why should you have one?

    … of your XML sitemap. Only when images are your main business you can make an exception. When you’re a photographer, for example, you probably do want to show a separate ‘media’ or ‘images’ XML sitemap to Google. How to make Google find your XML sitemap If you want Google to find your XML sitemap fast, you have to add it to your Google Search Console…

    Yoast- 17 readers -
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