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  • 5 Reasons People Unsubscribe from Email Lists

    … Email marketing (ears closed to the critics, lol) is still a great tool that businesses should keep in their growth strategy. There really is power in the list, but only if that list is grown organically, authentically and strategically. There are so many marketers putting all of their eggs solely into the basket of social media. I think social…

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  • 7 Reasons You Should Be Using Infusionsoft

    … A lot of people think that email marketing is on it’s way out the door. Rumor is that social media is slowly sucking the life out of this method of promotion. Now I’m not one to gossip, but I think those rumors are a bunch of crap. It’s okay if you disagree, everyone has the right to their own opinion. Be careful, if you keep reading, you’re…

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  • Using Evernote for Effective Project Management

    … management tool is to create of list of needs and wants. It may be difficult or even impossible to find a tool that has every single thing you want, but having a list of things that are mandatory will make your search easier. I hope this article has been helpful, check back in for my thoughts on other small business tools. If you have some tips or questions, please don’t hesitate in connecting with me using the comment box below. …

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  • Why Do Website Designers Limit Client Revisions or Drafts?

    … on. Before writing this article, I actually surveyed a group of business owners and here are some of their thoughts when it comes to designers: I’m doing them a favor by letting them work on my project, a few dollars is more than they would have had Anyone can build my website, heck my friend’s high school son creates websites in his bedroom I may…

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