Text Ads

  • Stop Using The Same Headline

    … Headlines Top 3 results for the search query DUI Lawyer (in Boston) The headline is the first element of your ad a user sees, takes up the most space, and is one of (if not the) most important pieces of ad copy. And yet, for a long time I followed best practice and regurgitated back the same search query the user typed. I did this because…

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  • Get Clicks on Your AdWords Text Ads

    You have a budget of $200.00 per day to spend on Google AdWords, yet you’ve only been able to spend $20.00 for the entire week. You wonder if your ads are even showing. A quick look at the AdWords dashboard confirms that the ads are in fact showing, but now you are even more frustrated. It cost $20.00 for one single lousy click.

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  • For The Best PPC Ads Change Your Focus

    … You have been in business for over a decade. Potential customers respect that kind of longevity and will want to use that knowledge to decide whether to click your ad. So you open up your AdWords account and create some ads based around your businesses longevity, how reliable your business is, and how your business can be trusted. You…

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  • Determining The Most Impactful Ad Types

    … ads are most important to those industries and what important factors should you be aware of to make sure you are making the most of them in your accounts? Text Ads As PPC managers, we know the importance of text ads. In fact, 97% of PPC managers categorize them as “important to very important” compared to display ads at 55% and social ads…

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  • Write and Schedule Your Holiday Ads Now – Save Time Later

    … Two of the most underutilized but effective AdWords features are labels and ad scheduling. What makes these features especially tremendous is their usefulness for writing holiday ads in July, and then scheduling for Q4. The holiday season is busy enough for PPC Specialists. Save yourself the stress of time-sensitive tasks by writing…

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