Text Editor

A text editor is a type of program used for editing plain text files. Text editors are often provided with operating systems or software development packages, and can be used to change configuration files and programming language source code.
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  • WordPress Hosting: Migrating to Our Site to WP Engine

    … fit in the new username field! So, as soon as I’m logged in, I create a new administrator account with my preferred username, log in to the new account and delete the old admin account. As soon as you’ve set up your account, you’re ready to go. You’re provided with a login URL (http://[yourusername].wpengine.com) It makes a lot of sense to keep…

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  • 6 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work

    … progress and adjust your strategy as needed Download our social media strategy template PDF Excel File Open Document Format Social Media Audit Template An important part of creating your social media marketing plan is conducting a social media audit. This audit serves to assess your current social media use and how it’s working or not working…

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  • Marketing Trends & Tools We’re Thankful For

    …. Brackets, an open-source text editor, is another tool he’s using to practice his knowledge of HTML and CSS. He also follows the advice of CSS Guidelines when writing and testing his CSS. Outside of design, Patrick is a big fan of Grooveshark for music streaming, Medium for informative and inspiring writing, and A Book Apart for reading up…

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  • Web Queries for Mac: Yes, You Can, and Here’s How

    … a recurring report in your platform (using Marin for this example); rather than format it as an Excel file or PDF, the report is generated as HTML tables that can be easily imported into Excel. This is especially useful for reports that update on a daily or weekly basis. Rather than downloading a new CSV or Excel file, you simply hit the Refresh…

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  • Your Guide to 301 Redirects for SEO

    …. With a 301 redirect, the value of inbound links as well as historic/trust records for one URL will move to the other, though there’s debate as to just how much of this benefits are passed on to the new URL. While estimates vary, I’ll address this a bit later in this article. Setting Up the 301 Redirect To set up a 301 redirect on an Apache server…

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  • How To Create Your Own URL Shortener With YOURLS

    … YOURLS, creating and hosting your own URL shortener has never been easier. Picking Your Domain Many people think you have to get the shortest domain possible for shortening URLs, but that’s not true. While it may be nice to have a super short domain, all you’re really looking for is a domain that is related to your brand. For example, raven.link…

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  • This Writing GPS Helps You Create Ridiculously Good Content

    … experience? 4. Organize. What structure helps communicate your point? Some options are a list, a how-to guide, a client narrative, a Q&A, a contrarian view, a skeptical approach, how-to, case study… and so on. Organize the outline or general architecture that suits that type of story best. 5. Write to one person. Imagine the one person…

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  • How to Add Closed Captions to Facebook Videos

    … Now that Facebook users are watching 1 billion videos on the site every day, any opportunity to make that video content accessible to all users is a very welcome thing. The feature has been in place on YouTube and Vimeo for years, and finally, Facebook has added the functionality to upload closed captions to videos published to its site…

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  • How To Setup & Use A WordPress Child Theme

    …”, so the child theme folder would be named “Newspaper-child” like this /wp-content/themes/Newspaper-child/ Create a style.css file style.css is the only file needed to activate a child WordPress theme. Just copy & paste the following into a text editor and replace all three instances of the theme name with the name of the theme you want…

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