• 7 Ways Local Merchants Can Use Messaging Apps for Marketing

    …. Retailers should also track customer preferences, which allows them to alert opted-in shoppers when new styles from their favorite brands arrive.” (Brooke Temple, CallFire) 6. Using messaging for reputation management “Negative reviews can really hurt a business, especially small ones who can’t compete with the SEO power of Google Places, Yelp…

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  • 7 Strategies for Improving Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates

    … data. Therefore, local businesses should start with marketing to their existing customer base. The last step of achieving marketing success by adding credibility is asking consumers to share the offer with their friends and family, so don’t forget to leverage the power of word-of-mouth.” (Stuart Wall, Signpost) 7. Take advantage of surprise…

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  • 7 Strategies for Better Text Message Marketing

    … customers tend not use this channel to promote existing campaigns.” (Dan Slavin, CodeBroker) 3. Use SMS to augment multi-channel campaigns. “Brands today are using multi-channel messaging strategies for their marketing campaigns, taking advantage of all the ways consumers look for and process information. The personal nature and accessibility…

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