• Case Study: Restaurant Group Uses Spend Data to Analyze Customer Base

    … Merchant: Good Food Guys Location: San Francisco, California Platforms: Thanx, Chartio Bottom Line: Customer data analysis and consumer research can help restaurants hone in on the most effective digital marketing strategies. Retailers weren’t alone in their quest to capitalize on the frenetic holiday shopping season. November and December…

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  • How to Keep Customers Loyal in 2017

    … recognize VIPs so they can give them an extra warm welcome.” (Zach Goldstein, Thanx) 2. Make connections during life-changing events. “Loyalty begins with finding the right consumer, creating a relationship with them and then working through channels to consistently communicate with them. Marketers have found that consumers who are going through…

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  • What Local Consumers Really Want From a Loyalty Program

    … to understand what they can give to consumers to increase visit frequency, drive greater spend and ultimately increase long-term loyalty.” (Jake Kiser, Belly) 4. Discounts on future purchases “Price-sensitive consumers really appreciate saving money and want discounts on future purchases or credit toward the service. They also love free…

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  • Thanx CEO: Loyalty Programs Using Data to Better Identify ROI

    … to better understand customers and establish ROI. Street Fight recently spoke to Zach Goldstein, the CEO of Thanx, about how the loyalty sector is evolving, and what retention marketing vendors can do to make their products more seamless for customers. Digital loyalty programs initially had their heyday about five years ago. How do you think loyalty…

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  • Case Study: Fashion Retailer Boosts Engagement With Data-Driven Initiatives

    … platforms. “We want to make sure every customer who walks into our store gets an experience that’s personal and rewarding,” she says. “By connecting with our clientele on their mobile devices, we can ensure that every customer leaves our stores feeling smart and beautiful.” Stephanie Miles is a senior editor at Street Fight. Click here to read more Street Fight case studies. …

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  • 7 Smart Ways to Deliver Loyalty Rewards Based on Buying Patterns

    … notification is the one sent to customers right before they reach VIP status. According to our data, 95% of people who receive this notification respond by spending more money, and 81% of VIPs increase their monthly spend.” (Zach Goldstein, Thanx) 3. Generating new revenue from infrequent customers. “There is certainly the opportunity to organically…

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  • 8 Ways to Collect More Customer Email Addresses

    … of the things we do at Thanx is we integrate directly with existing email management tools — think Mailchimp or Constant Contact. From then on, when a consumer signs up for Thanx and selects an introductory reward, they are given the opportunity to enroll in the merchant’s email list for additional news and special offers. For merchants who turn…

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