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  • 6 Reasons Why Campaigns Fail (And How to Fix Them)

    … It’s 300 years since alchemy went out of fashion, but some affiliates still believe in the principle of a philosopher’s stone: A magic formula that can turn very average materials in to gold. It’s catnip for affiliates. “What one technique can I inject in to my marketing for transformative results?” Be careful with this mindset. My view…

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  • How 1 Weird Table Keeps Me Motivated in the Morning

    … complacency. A bad day can breed impatience. Either emotion can have a ruinous effect on your decision making. And that’s why we should look beyond daily performance metrics if we want to stay motivated. One of the methods I use involves gamification and an imaginary league table. Hold on tight. This could get a little geeky. ‘League of Affiliates…

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  • My First Month in Bangkok and Laser Eye Surgery

    … of what I’ve been up to since the STM London meetup. (There’s a subtle clue in the title and header image.) A Skirmish in London Unfortunately, I only caught the first day of STM London. A cracking day it was, though. I’ve never seen so many affiliates in one building. Don’t get me wrong. There are larger affiliate events held around the world…

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  • Melting in Dubai at Adsimilis Meetup 2014

    … September was a busy month. I’ve just got back from the Adsimilis Dubai Meetup, which was bookended by two weeks in monsoon-lashed Krabi and Phuket. A bunch of social commitments (or as I only half-jokingly refer to them: “going outside”) meant that by the time I reached Dubai, my campaigns weren’t so much suffering from banner blindness…

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