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The Atlantic is an American magazine, founded (as The Atlantic Monthly) in 1857 in Boston, Massachusetts, now based in Washington, D.C. It was created as a literary and cultural commentary magazine and quickly achieved a national reputation as a high-quality review with a moderate worldview—a reputation it has maintained for over 150 years. The magazine has notably recognized and published new writers and poets, as well as encouraged major careers. It has also published leading writers' commentary on abolition, education, and other major issues in contemporary political affairs. The magazine has won more National Magazine Awards than any other monthly magazine.
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  • When Facts Fall Short: Why Brands Need a Point of View

    … to spend more on native ads this year over 2015, there is immense pressure on internal marketing teams, agencies, and digital publishers to make sponsored content that connects. While content marketing has potential as a bold, direct way to communicate with consumers, advertisers are still struggling to find their voices. Think about the Scientology…

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  • Why Publishers Are a Huge Threat to Ad Agencies

    …; some of these agencies at places like The Atlantic are becoming full-service shops in their own right. “Agencies have always tapped into the ecosystem of the most creative people, which used to be within their four walls and [clients’] four walls,” Marc Mathieu, CMO of Samsung USA, told Contagious last year. “Today it’s much more diverse…

    Aaron Orendorff/ The Content Strategist- 16 readers -
  • Facebook Under Fire for the Spread of Fake News

    … of it is outright false. There are some tools available for readers who want to verify their news content, and The Atlantic suggested that Facebook buying Snopes might help curb false news. However, because fake news appeals to audience emotion and inspires shares, it continues to proliferate and spread on social sites. Many posts…

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  • How The New York Times Took Native Advertising Global

    …. It’s possible to argue that native advertising became popular, in part, because The New York Times showed that branded content could be just as good as, if not better than, traditional journalism. Cue the inevitable link to Melanie Deziel’s paid post for Netflix and Orange Is the New Black about the female prison system. To stay one step ahead…

    Jordan Teicher/ The Content Strategist- 32 readers -
  • High-Risk, High-Reward: Snapchat’s Advertising Revolution

    … Mobile advertising requires striking what can seem like an impossible balance: attracting users’ attention without interrupting whatever else they are doing. The trick is to be interruptive through engaging, well-placed advertising without interrupting. Although mobile advertising has evolved over the past 10 years away from SMS messages…

    AllTwitter- 28 readers -
  • Facebook to Open Instant Articles to All Publishers April 12

    … introduced Instant Articles last May with nine launch partners: The Atlantic, BBC News, Bild, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, National Geographic, NBC, The New York Times and Spiegel. More than 20 partners were added last September, and Instant Articles was rolled out to all iPhone users the following month. Facebook announced in November that it was testing…

    David Cohen/ AllFacebookin Social Facebook- 32 readers -
  • ‘What’s in a Spotify Name?’ and 5 Other Stories You Should Read

    … that. BuzzFeed: The Guilt Trip As A User Interface Element Selected by Dillon Baker, associate editor If you don’t read every installment of this weekly round-up, I have something to tell you: We’re hurt. We put a lot of time and thought into this. I mean, it’s okay, we understand you’re busy, but you really can’t take a few minutes out of your Friday…

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